June, 11, 2018

In November, the Junior Club continues to re-open Yola Junior class demonstration – an American classroom designed specifically for parents and teens ages 9-15.

With two main activities – Classroom demonstration and Parental workshop, Junior Demo class will be an exciting activity for parents and children on the weekend.

Register for free at http://bit.ly/dang-ky-junior-club

Detailed information:

Demo Class: Includes activities that follow American classroom standard. Young learners from 9 to 15 will learn English through a variety of topics and content such as flora, food chain, friction – magnet – magnetic field, body parts. Teachers will integrate activities such as doing experiments, learning vocabulary on the topic of science, playing games to develop speaking and group skills, presentations to improves English skills but also explores knowledge and academic skills.

Parents’ Workshop: After Demo Class, there will be a time for parents to talk with YOLA teachers to help parents gain a better understanding of the preparation and guide for their children in the competition of English or studying abroad.


16h-17h30 11/11/2017 YOLA Republic
17h30-19h YOLA Phan Xich Long
16h-17h30 12/11/2017 YOLA Phan Van Tri,
10h-11h30 12/11/2017 YOLA Vo Thi Sau
16h-17h30 18/11/2017 YOLA Cong Quynh & YOLA Pasteur
16h-17h30 19/11/2017 YOLA Binh Thanh
10h-11h30 19/11/2017 YOLA Vo Thi Sau