Mistakes in teaching English to the children of parents

November, 14, 2018

Parents should know the importance of English in life today. And with the desire to develop and get the best of everything, many parents have taught English to them very early. They let their children go to English language centers, hire tutors to teach at home, or teach their own English, but the problem they often see is that their children after a period of time is starting to get bored. like, even hate to learn English.
And parents do not know how to solve this dilemma. They often just force their children to continue to study, otherwise they will be scolded, punished, but this way not only did not bring results, but only made the situation worse. Money is expensive, but your child does not learn much, not how much knowledge in the head.
So how to teach English to your baby effectively? First, we need to find out why your child is not interested in learning English.
Do not feel comfortable, cheerful in school environment
Children do not like to learn English, partly because they do not feel happy, even when they are stressed in their school environment. Children are afraid to say wrong will be the teacher said, are penalized, being laughed at by friends. Children are afraid to prepare the lesson will be scolded teachers, teachers say parents.
In addition, children are still in the playful age, play, run, so the baby will be constrained if the rules and regulations are difficult to focus on for a long time. . This is also why fun games should be incorporated into English language teaching. Therefore, the fact that your child does not feel comfortable learning English may be due to the lack of interest in the curriculum.
Method, teaching methods are not suitable
Teaching English to adults is not easy, teaching children is more difficult. Children at an age like play, naughty, love to learn, explore, so teaching English should also be. Reflect on the things you love to teach and communicate. Do not catch the children throughout the day learning grammar, vocabulary, structure, the knowledge of dry books that difficult to absorb. This will make your child more frustrated with learning foreign languages.
The attitude of parents in their child’s learning
Parents play an important role in raising and educating children. So do not be too strict and expect too young. Parents always think that everything they do is good for children, always high expectations for their children, but whether parents have stopped and think what the children want, like or not?
Instead of forcing the child to do this, learn the other, then stop a bit, find out what the child likes, want something. Then give the appropriate way for children.
Parents should not scold or punish children for poor grades. Do not pressure or compare with other children. That just made things worse. Instead, encourage them, encourage them, help them learn, be friends with them.
And do not force or deliberately cramming, will not be much. Let your child actively learn, actively explore discovery. So they will be more interested, will learn more.
Parents can teach English to children and create a learning environment for children unconscious, passive. For example, to read books, English books, bilingual. Tell your child in English, children’s music, watching children’s programs in English. By learning to play like this will make children enjoy more, and learning is also lightweight that bring more efficiency.

So if you want to know why your child is not interested in learning English, learn them and find out the best way to teach English to your child.
Wish you success in teaching English to your child.