YOLA has pioneered the formation of an interactive English programme through project and content language integrated learning. Kindergarten-aged children are immersed in a 100% target language environment where we combine phonetic introduction and a personalised curriculum. This helps children develop communication skills through authentic listening and speaking, developing their language thinking skill and promoting the mindset of a native speaker.




YOLA English Center


Students of YOLA DOLPHIN program are immersed in a natural English environment. Their desire for learning is promoted, and their confidence when using English is fostered. Additionally, students can nurture their optimum abilities for their present and future./p>

YOLA English Center


YOLA’s DOLPHIN English programme applies a modern Online-Offline integrated classroom model and an American standardised curriculum. Learning spaces and facilities are designed to optimise children’s English communication skills through naturalistic listening and speaking. With a team of highly qualified instructors – knowledgeable about child psychology – and an intensive progress monitoring system, YOLA’s DOLPHIN programme helps students build their confidence and develop the ability to think in English, just like a native speaker.

YOLA English Center


YOLA’s DOLPHIN English programme applies 3 main teaching methods: Immersion – Learning English by placing children directly into an English environment, affording them the chance to think and reflect exclusively in the target language. Children will have the ability to access new vocabulary and expand their repertoire through exploration of sentence patterns, songs, stories, and real-life situations.
Project-based Social and Emotional Learning – Project-based learning combined with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) helps children develop their knowledge and skills comprehensively.
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) – Teaching language through a variety of subjects is one of the main approaches applied in educational institutes worldwide. Children learn English through the integration of online and offline homework applications that link to the themes of each lesson.
YOLA’s application of advanced teaching methods helps children become more active in their education and enhances their exposure to English.