First Kid English program in Vietnam to apply O2O Blended Learning – Dolphin by YOLA is committed to let children acquire English as a second language naturally. 15 mins daily with app can help to build confidence, create a long life learning habit and consequently, enable kids to learn English fast and efficiently.




YOLA English Center


YOLA Junior Primary program integrates evocative education methods in order to help students not only learn English but also go further in utilizing English to gain knowledge. The program focuses on developing the 21st century skills (Critical thinking – Creativity – Collaboration – Communication) in parallel with thinking in English like native speakers.

YOLA English Center


YOLA Junior Primary Program is an American blended learning model (online-offline), with the method of learning English through stories and applying English in real-life situations naturally, which will create a solid academic foundation for students at higher levels of education. Our team, who are enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers and who can understand the young learners’ psychology, as well as thorough learning management system, will altogether help students maximize their potential.

YOLA English Center


The teaching methodologies of YOLA Junior Primary English program are based on 4 basic study skills of the 21st century. The textbooks are comprised of highly interactive content and widely used at international schools and in the USA. The blended learning model (Online – Offline) creates an active English learning environment making children enjoy learning and discovering things. The e-textbooks especially provide practice and continuous exposure to standard American English outside of the classroom, anywhere, for 15 minutes a day.