Do you want to study at the top universities in the US? Do you want to get scholarships at these top schools? SAT is the test for you. This is a standardized entrance exam for university in the United States



YOLA English Center


The program is flexible, divided into several levels from Foundation to Advanced so suitable for many different levels. Students completing the SAT course in YOLA gain an increase of 300-500 points. 1400 is the average test score of YOLA students for SAT

YOLA English Center


Faculties graduated from TOP University in the United States such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Amherst College, Texas A & M University, etc. They are experienced and have achieved high scores in the actual exam. Interactive teaching methods 1: 1 is in the use to engage students, give effective exam tips and practice directly with the computer.

YOLA English Center


Students practice regularly with the SAT format and take the free mid-term and final exams in set-up avenue to familiarize the rigorous standards of actual exams in a testing environment and space. YOLA organizes many seminars on SAT preparation to give the students a clear orientation in obtaining international certificates later