“YOLA SAN SẺ YÊU THƯƠNG” – Together with Saigon, we fight this COVID Battle

The past week at YOLA has been full of enthusiasm and energy as YOLA staff and friends have worked hard to contribute to the community. Beginning on July 19, YOLA has been conducting an activity called “YOLA SAN S YÊU THƯƠNG” which aims to bring practical gifts to YOLA parents, students, teachers, and staff. They have received fresh vegetables due to YOLA’s dedication and thoughtfulness. Please enjoy the gifts and look back at the memorable moments of the past few days!


YOLA staff and teachers packed vegetables for parents and students.

Now, teachers are at the centers not only to teach, but also to sort vegetable gift bags to send out to their students. Their bright smiles truly bring warmth and happiness.  The presence of Mr. Pham Anh Khoa – YOLA CEO –  cheered everyone up and made the activity more exciting. Strictly following the 5K rule from the government, without hesitation, he and staff selected fresh vegetables and neatly packaged them to send to you guys.

Thousands of gifts have been neatly arranged, waiting to be picked up.

With baskets of vegetables on their bikes, couriers are helping spread Yola’s love to every corner of Saigon. Have you received your gift yet? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with YOLA here!

 And now, let’s see which lovely gift sets have been delivered to whom. YOLA has received a lot of pictures and messages from parents, students, teachers, and YOLA staff, which is truly uplifting. 


Heartfelt messages from parents.

Yolans continue to contribute to this activity of sharing because we always work with our whole hearts. Especially during this battle, we need to be united more than ever. Together with “YOLA SAN S YÊU THƯƠNG”, we will get through this!


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