First thing first, I would like to introduce myself that I am Khang, currently working in Academic Team as the scheduler at Cong Quynh and Him Lam campuses. I am so delighted that this year has been the second one in my journey at Yola. During the past years, I have grown to a more independent and confident woman not only due to my own effort but mostly by the encouragement and inspiration from people that I have the chance to work with.

The first individuals that I would like to mention are teachers. Throughout my time working with teachers, I would say that my relationship with them is a very complicated one, just like Tom and Jerry. Truth be told, they could sometimes be the classic comic book villains bombarding me with last minute sub requests for the most unbelievable reasons. But for the most part, it is them who are the selfless superheroes rescuing me from bonus cuts! It is so often that teachers from my centers are willing to travel from one campus to another in record time to cover sub requests – literally risking their lives if you’ve seen the insane traffic out there! Or it is when they receive a call from me asking them to substitute a class at short notice, when they’re in the middle of a date but still happy to help me out. Now of course, there’s a lot of frustration on the job. However, the longer I work here, the more my attitude toward my job has changed for the better. First, I’ve learned not to take work-related things too personally, not only is my professionalism enhanced but I also feel much more at ease doing my job.

On top of that, I’ve learned to trust and respect people as well as their commitment to the job. As I had more and more opportunities to observe them, I’ve found so many things to learn. For teachers, their job is a hard one. Having to talk and play and sometimes even dance around with the kids is anything but easy. If anyone says being an English language teacher is an easy payday, they have no idea what they’re talking about.. As I hang around the Teachers’ Lounge at CQ quite a bit, I’ve seen firsthand how much time and effort they dedicate to lesson planning, making sure every little detail works and every worksheet is printed. They even bring in their own props – all that to ensure students have a lot of fun in the classroom while learning tons of new things.

For members in ACA team as well, they are the most devoted team that I’ve ever worked with. Take Ms. Lien Tran – our ACA Operation Specialist for example. Her main responsibility is to take care of work permit for every international teacher. Some of us may be unfamiliar with what the work permit procedure entails, but I’m sure we can all agree that it is a complicated and tiring process to go through on a regular basis. Imagine having to do it every day for months on end, on top of other office commitments. Then there’s Ms. Khoa Nguyen, our beloved AM who I work closely with at Cong Quynh & Him Lam. Behind the scene, she is the one taking care of every single teacher at these campuses, constantly working to make sure all our teachers are happy and able to perform to the best of their ability. Another person who is very important to me – my line manager, Ms. Quyen Dam or as I’m used to calling her – Chi Quyen. In fact, she was first in line to give the speech today, but opted to pass the torch to someone from the “younger” generation. This gesture , I believe, shows her dedication to nurturing future generations and I, as well as others who have had the pleasure of working with her, very much appreciate it. Now, good things can come in small packages and – Ms. Hien Chung – our ACA Director is one of the greatest people I’ve worked with. Few of us here can begin to fathom just how enormous her workload is. However, I’ve never seen her crack under pressure. She always looks calm and happy, and enjoys her work to the fullest.

After 2 years at Yola, I’ve realised all of them could be role models to me. I am not only talking about the academic aspect of the job, but also my personal development. I have learned how to be more patient and to keep an open mind, among many other things. Finally, I would like to say thanks to anyone who has taught me in one way or another. They are the individuals who not only changes the lives of thousands of students, but also helps their coworkers – people like myself to grow every single day. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Gia Khang – Scheduler


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