“Love what you do – You will do great work”

In every student’s memory, the image of a school security guard with a friendly smile is very familiar and unforgettable. Together with teachers, school security guards are those who silently observe the journey into the maturity of all beloved students. There is a school security guard like that at YOLA – Mr. Duc – who has accompanied many generations of students at YOLA Hoang Trong Mau since its grand opening.
No matter whether it is boiling hot or pouring rain – Mr. Duc is always ready to welcome students, sometimes with an umbrella in his hand or even in a raincoat. At the weekends when there are a lot of students at YOLA, Mr. Duc is also able to remember exactly the name of every student to call them out and take them to their parents. He also notices if any students are sick and immediately informs staff to give them special care.
YOLA staff at Hoang Trong Mau really respect Mr. Duc and consider him an important member of the family.
“How can you remember the names and take care of a lot of students at the same time? It’s not your responsibility. Even if you don’t do that, nobody would blame you.”, they asked Mr. Duc.
“Love what you do – You will do great work”, he said.
Isn’t it a nice story for a nice weekend? Thank you Mr. Duc for your sharing and on top of that, your dedication to your work and for YOLA!

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