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We often refer to the Mid-Autumn Festival as a children’s festival, so it will be lacking if on this day the young people are not involved in the activities of Mid-Autumn Festival. Understanding this, the YOLA educational organization organized a series of Mid-Autumn Festival activities for students of the Children’s English Course, entitled “Light Up The Moon”.
The program will be held on 22nd, 23rd, September, 18th, in YOLA branches in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with activities extremely useful, fun, music programs. and exchange with the Moon Lady and the Moon Man extremely fun for children.
Creative activity with color
With the message of exploring the potential, stimulating the creativity of children, on the night of this full moon, YOLA organized the activities are the children love to participate as self-decoration mask, drawing simulation fruits and pictures. If the world is a picture, each one of us is a unique color, the children are free to create creative products with personal stamp, express their own personality.
Dropping flower lights together
Dropping flower lights is a meaningful activity that traditionally takes place in the city. However, in the city, because of environmental and safety issues, the children have little opportunity to participate. Thus, YOLA has ingeniously brought this activity to the event to remind the children of a traditional beauty of the Moon Festival.
The flower lights flowed in the water as the dream of the children away, one day set foot in the beautiful place in the world.
Make paper lanterns
Mid-Autumn Festival can not lack lanterns, in addition to the lanterns that the Yolans received when attending the program, the children are also instructed to create colorful lanterns. A meaningful activity for the Moon Festival.
In addition to lanterns, the children’s hands are promoted, the children are also instructed to fold simple shapes such as roses, aircraft, …
Mold the moon cake
In addition to lanterns, the Mid-Autumn Festival can not be complete without the moon cake, so YOLA has created the conditions for children with gastronomic preferences to be able to mold themselves into beautifully-flavored plastic cakes.
Participating in the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Moon Lady and the Moon Man
In order to bring a warm and warm Mid-Autumn Festival, the YOLA team will carefully prepare the traditional treadmill of the Mid-Autumn Festival so that young people can have a chance to look back at this tradition in modern life.
Other activities such as music performance, lion dance, exchanging with Hang, Cuoi was very excited, helping the children have a full moon festival full of laughter and meaning.
In addition, the children also have the opportunity to receive tuition fees up to 2 million dong for English children and many other attractive gifts for the new school year in Yola. .

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