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10 reasons why you love Cambridge

After completing your IELTS preparation course and earning your degree with a dream score, you will probably think of getting into the new land. In addition to the American dream, Europe is a great destination, filled with cultural features, ancient architectural style, very suitable for the dreamlike mind and love the beauty.

Of those, Cambridge is one of the most beautiful cities in England, the site of the legendary school known all over the world – the University of Cambridge.
Cambridge not only attracts tourists with its ancient buildings or lush greenery, but also attracts people with beautiful scenery and many other things that this city is hide.
Cambridge is home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities, home to hundreds of years old homes that are associated with the history of British development. Everywhere you go, there are traces of history.
Whether you choose to visit the city by strolling around, enjoying the view, watching the old houses, or going to the cafes to enjoy English-inspired tea, when you leave Cambridge will leave a deep impression on the history and culture of the city in your mind.
Rowing on the romantic river
No doubt, the river is encircled by the city, the Cam River, one of Cambridge’s most beautiful, poetic places. People here also like this river, they often come here to have fun, picnic by the river, or rowing on the river.
You can also come here to watch the river, watch the people play, or rent a boat to enjoy the river, explore the academy, ancient schools along the river, trees bridge across the river. Not only can you sit by the boat, it is a very enjoyable experience.
If you expect to hear a standard English, aristocrat, and royal style that exudes classy “British” (as on the Downton Abbey television show), you will not be disappointed in Cambridge. . In other words, Cambridge will be one of the best choices if you want to hear it, if you love the English intonation.
It would be a great omission to mention Cambridge without mentioning the museums. As an academic city, it is not surprising that Cambridge has many great museums.
If you want to see the transformation of our planet for more than 2 million years, you can go to the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. If you love science, you can go to the Whipple Museum of Science History. Do not forget to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, which houses a collection of the history of art through the ages, ensuring you know a lot more new things.
Referring to the Cambrige, what will appear in your mind first? Is not Cambrige University. It is difficult to talk about Cambridge without mentioning this prestigious school. The school was established in 1209, and is ranked as one of the top two universities in the UK for many years (the other is Oxford). Alumni have been known throughout the world for their contributions, such as Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin. Individuals involved in the school also won 89 Nobel Prizes in six different areas.
The school has a large space, covered with green grass, and the library system is dreamlike, full, comfortable, with tens of millions of books, and continues to grow every year. If you are a book lover, love the library, the library of Cambridge University is no different than paradise with you.
The library system is not only beautiful, ancient, but also modern. There are many valuable books, research works and scientific research papers, hundreds of years old books. The library had about 200,000 prints before 1800, and more than 6,000 manuscripts from the Middle Ages. The University of Cambridge Library is an immensely rich source of knowledge that the college offers to its students.
If you want to enjoy the fresh fruit, or want to cook something yourself, you can visit the market of Cambridge.
These markets sell everything from vegetables, fresh ingredients, to paintings, furniture, bicycles and bonsai. Besides the market also sells snacks, snacks to eat. You can go to the market, eat a meal before continuing your visit.
Food street
If you are a loyal fan of street food, then you should regularly watch the foodPark website. This site will provide the time and place where food street is held. Food courts usually take place at weekends, at noon markets and night markets.
With dishes from many countries around the world, and the menu is constantly changing, it will be a major shortcoming if you do not come over and satisfy your mouth here.
Travel by bike
Come to Cambridge, you will be surprised to see, most people here are moving by bicycle. Most of the people living here are students, and students are not allowed to park their car, except in special circumstances. Should they use bicycles as a means of frequent travel.
On the other hand, the city encourages people to use bicycles, and as a result, you will not see traffic jams or traffic congestions here. If you love the environment, want to have a clean atmosphere, not smoke, but not go to the countryside, the city of Cambridge is such a great place.
Cambridge Botanic Gardens
Founded in 1762, this 40 acre garden of the University of Cambridge is home to a myriad of plants, from all over the world. The Cambridge Botanic Garden is a combination of various gardens and greenhouses.

Due to the variety of plants and flowers, the garden is very colorful every spring, and this makes it an ideal place for a picnic with friends. If you love plants, trees, this is a place not to be missed.
Overwhelmed by festivals all year round
In order to meet the needs of the people living here, most of them young, Cambridge is full of festivals and outdoor activities that take place throughout the year.
Have you ever seen a movie outside? If not, go to Meadows, where you will experience the feeling of sitting on the grass, under the stars, and watching the movie on a big screen.
Big Week events also feature dozens of events, attracting thousands of visitors to the city each year. From comedy festivals to sparkling fireworks shows. The city also has festivals such as the Science Festival, Shakespeare Festival, Beer Festival, etc.
Come to Cambridge is not only with knowledge, but also in you the unforgettable experience of the land and people. One student said, “I cried twice during my study abroad. The first time when we leave our relatives to leave and the second time is the goodbye people in that land to return.
Wish you have a memorable experience!

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