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Learning English for children of each age

Being a language other than mother tongue and living environment in Vietnam, it is not really convenient to practice. Therefore, the children should be exposed to English early to have time to absorb, absorb and improve. Learning English for children is also divided into several stages, with different methods, because each child’s brain age will develop in the other direction and need to adjust the method to achieve the best educational effect. .
1. 3-5 years old: recognize the world around them
This is the stage, children babble the first voices, language ability is being formed and is especially sensitive to sound. At this point, the baby will tend to receive vocabularies to communicate, so in addition to the mother tongue, other languages for the baby exposed at this time is also very quickly and natural child acquisition.

However, some cases when children are exposed to foreign languages at this age is the child will “mix language” or speak more foreign language than Vietnamese if sent to foreign kindergarten schools overseas .
2. 6-9 years old: selective language acquisition
At this age, the mother tongue is well controlled by the child, so it is best to learn English at this time because the child is aware of the mother tongue and, at the same time, the ability Pronunciation is also quite good, helps to practice pronunciation while learning.
The age of 6 to 9 years is a good time to learn English for children.
Still in the age of eating, playing age, curious to explore the world, so the child’s brain will tend to memorize the information in pictures and sounds better than the recording, learning vocabulary on paper. Thus, the curriculum incorporates activities such as guessing, guessing names, arranging pictures, painting, painting, listening to music, watching videos, etc. It will help you to remember long and create more interest for your baby.
3. 9-14 years old: integrated knowledge, increased interaction when learning
For this age, young people will tend to learn more about the natural, cultural, social, … Therefore, English lessons incorporate this knowledge, will stimulate the ability to study and excite the little ones. From there, they will be more active in finding new information and knowledge.
English program at YOLA educational institution
With an educational orientation, the aim of creating a rewarding learning environment, a thorough route, YOLA offers English language courses for children, as well as teenagers and adults, with a program designed to meet the appropriate learning needs for each age group.
Coming to YOLA means that your child has found a companion and guide along the way to conquer knowledge in the future.

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