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Take YOLA Challenges! Do you dare to challenge yourself?

Take YOLA Challenge! Challenge the hidden power in each of us.
Following the path of “The Power Within You” to help youngsters unlock their strengths and maximize their ability to pursue future direction, Yola formally set a new milestone – “Take the challenges! Unlocking the power within you “to inspire young people to step out of the safe zone, beyond the limits themselves. Earlier this week, the Take The Challenges program organized by YOLA was officially held at Phu Nhuan High School in Phu Nhuan district and Gia Dinh High School in Binh Thanh district with many useful, exciting and youthful activities for the students and leave many good impression.
With 4 game play areas, students can cultivate and challenge their own vocabulary and win lots of attractive gifts from YOLA. The exchange area with foreign teachers is also one of the areas. The attractive area attracts many students to challenge thematic communication capacity. The three best students of the competition will receive a scholarship worth 6,500,000 VND in Yola together with 2 vouchers worth 2,000,000 for English courses at YOLA.
Yola hopes that after the show the youngsters will be inspired and confident enough to discover the new challenges they have set themselves up with more motivation to accomplish and conquer more dreams. The program is performed by YOLA’s music band.
In addition to colorful and lively programs organized in secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, students interested in the program can access the YOLA website to experience the challenges of online exams.
Looking back at interesting moments in the schools that YOLA has visited.
Visit website: from today to get started!

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