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The grammar points need attention of the program of learning English grade 8 – 9th grade

If the 6-7 grade English program is still relatively simple in vocabulary as well as grammar, the 8th grade – 9th curriculum focuses on more grammar points, to improve the knowledge needed. High school education aims to improve knowledge at the secondary level.
Mastering the grammar of the 8th grade – 9th grade, you can be relatively confident with your English grammar because high school English programs only revolve around the ants. This method is more advanced.
Because grade 8-9 programs are systematic and the two programs have a lot of important knowledge, so YOLA will help you synthesize the grammar points of the 8th grade – 9th grade, so you have a look about general knowledge, to find out what they have and what is not, to plan more reasonable learning.
1. Tenses in the 8th grade – 9th grade English program
In grades 6-7 you learned the simple present, the present past, the simple past, the simple future. The 8th grade – 9th graders will have more like present perfect, present perfect continuous, past continuous (past perfect), past perfect (past perfect), past perfect past Perfect).
Once you’ve learned the basics in English, the bottom line is that you have to know how to apply the right things in each case, context. This is not only to understand the theory but also to do exercises to grasp the use cases are different.
2. Modal verbs
The so-called “defective verb” is a verb, but it does not have a central meaning to the sentence but only to the main verb. After verbal verbs, verbs are always verbs.
Modal verbs include:
Can- could- may- might
Should – would
Ought to – had better
3. Reflective pronoun
Reflexive pronouns are used to emphasize action by the subject of action.
Reflexive pronouns include: myself, ourselves, themselves, himself, himself, itself.
4. Reported speech
Narration is a sentence used to narrate or repeat one’s speech to another. This is an important grammar point of the program and will meet again in the English class 10-11-12.
5. Gerund
In the grammatical rules of English, two verbs can not stand side by side, so in order to enrich the meaning of the sentence in case it is necessary to use the verb, Gerund is used as a form of verb (but is an adjective), created by adding -in to the verb verb.
Verbs that are usually associated with gerund include: love, like, dislike, enjoy, hate, prefer, start, stop, begin, stop, finish, practice, remember.
6. The infinitive with “to”
With the verbs followed by gerund, most often the case is followed by the “to + prototype verb”, the two cases are not much different in terms of semantics, however, should also pay attention to use English really good.
7. Passive voice
Passive sentences are used when we want to emphasize the action in the sentence, the agent causing the action whether it is someone or something. The key to the proper transformation of this sentence is the verb “to be” and the past participle. This is also an important grammar point to master and will meet again in the upper classes.
8. Other patterns in the program
– too / enough
– so … that, such … that
– used to + V
– be used to +
– so that / to order to
With the Yola Educational Foundation’s Junior Program, students will be taught the knowledge of English in grades 6-7-8, with quality curriculum and effective learning methods. , help you to receive not only English, but also knowledge in the field of culture-society. The stages from low to high are as follows:
– Stage 1: Basic English communication through spoken, written, animated images and video.
– Step 2: Comprehensive 4 language skills development and academic skills development
– Stage 3: Deepen your English skills by developing creative writing skills
– Stage 4: Combining language skills, academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to argue, research, write reports and presentations.
YOLA will be the perfect place to build up your potential, equip you with the solid knowledge of the way to conquer your knowledge.

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