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The names of the brands you often misread

Most foreign brands in the Vietnamese market will be read by young people in Vietnamese or English pronunciation. However, if possible, why not read properly? Because if anyone has ever attended a course in English language centers, they will know the importance of correct pronunciation. In addition, as a foreign language learner, nothing comes “luxury” with a foreign word, even if it is not in the language we are learning.
YOLA will start with the names of some familiar brands, let YOLA read right!
This is a global brand name shoes, so the simple name seems to have many people misread, and I also misread the name as many people.
People read “Naik,” sometimes referred to as “ni-ke” or “ny-ke”. But the correct reading here is “Nai-key”, or the pronunciation is / naɪki /.
This is also a brand of shoes as famous as Nike, but the Vietnamese people we have less name brand shoes from Germany than this, compared with the rest of the world.
The brand name reads exactly “ah-Dee-das”. Adidas in English-American reading has a pronounced 2 / adi: d əs /.
This famous French fashion company will have to shake his head if you keep calling people Hermitage or Horcajo. This label should read correctly “Air-mes”, is / ɛərmɛz / nhé you, the H sound here is silent.
Although a very famous furniture brand, but the name of IKEA is still misread as the famous brand above. Often, you read the “ai-kia”, and sometimes you listen to the Americans, but even learn the wrong pronunciation brand from Sweden.
The correct IKEA pronunciation must be “ih-key-yah”, with the transcription of /ɪ’keː.a/.
The famous German car company Porsche is also the victim of false pronouncements happening around the world. People are racing to read the car name is “porsh”, or sometimes “porsh-she”, “porsh-che”.
While reading correctly it should be “por-sha”, its transliteration in / pɔːrʃə /.
Hyundai is read in many different ways when entering the European market, America. In the West, I like to read it as “Hyun-hyeon” or “Hyoon-die”, while in Korean, it pronounced “Hyeon-dea”. However, according to Metro, reading is the closest assurance to Korean sounds and is consistent with the English pronunciation system Hun-day / hʌndeɪ /.
One more car company was misreading its name. Often you will hear, even, it is you who read the car name is “Vol-wa-wa-gen”. But actually Volkswagen has a way of reading / vɔlksˌvaːɡən / (Vo-ks var-gun). The letter “w” appears, but the sound that needs to be read is / v /.
Continue to be a car company. ” Che-vô-lét,” ” Se-vô-lét,” or ” she-vrô-lét “? It’s wrong The correct pronunciation must be “Shev-ro-lay”, / ʃˌɛvɹəleɪ /.
As a software company famous, but the name is still misread, like how many people. Adobe is often read as “ah-dob” or more funny than the Vietnamese to become “a-đo-be”. But it must be “ah-doh-bee”, / ədoʊbi /. Many people forget the / i / last word.
Louis Vuitton
You will often hear people say the brand name is “Lu-is Vu-ton”. But exactly this brand must read “Loo-ee Vwee-tahn”, transcribed as / lu: i vəta: n /.
Similarly, do not read “Gah-vin-chee”, or “Gee-ven-chee”. The correct one is “Zhee-vahn-shee”, which translates into / ʒiva: nʃi /.
You are no stranger to electronics. But the name of the people you still call it wrong. Often Samsung will be called “sam-soom”, just like its name. But read correctly, it must be /sæm.sʌŋ/.
There are many other brands that are not just yours, but there are many people in the world who misread their names. The reason is that these are things that English language centers do not teach you, but we have to find out for ourselves if we want to know more. And thanks to that, our knowledge will grow more profoundly, knowing that, after reading the names of these brands, you will feel more interested in a foreign language.

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