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The necessary conditions for an English center for children

From the intellectual benefits, as well as the future of children, learning English for children is increasingly concerned parents. But to ensure the best quality of learning for children, parents need to pay attention to some points in choosing English language centers for children, in order to give children the best learning environment to provide the best learning environment for students to acquire knowledge in a comprehensive way.
1. Comfortable classroom, full of light
Classroom is a decisive factor for creating excitement and influencing the learning performance of the child. For English classrooms, in addition to basic facilities such as desks, chairs, tables, lights, electronic equipment such as TVs, speakers, systems connected to the computer. It is also indispensable to support teaching and learning.
Therefore, when choosing an English language center for children, before considering other factors, parents should consult the center’s facilities to ensure that their child is learning in an environment. the best.
2. Teachers have experience, friendly, love children
As well as the fragrant white paper, the children need to be led by experienced teachers, friendly and especially love children, to have the spirit of comfort when going to class.
If teaching English to adults is the most important part of teaching English, it is important to teach children the most natural way they can. in each lesson. Therefore, an English teacher for children, it is important to know how to love, to convey that love, to communicate through each instruction, to play and lead the child the first step on the journey to learn foreign languages.
3. Useful curriculum
If the teacher is considered a guide, the curriculum is considered a trusted friend, supporting the children to the knowledge. Children’s curriculum, most importantly, must be designed vividly with images and situations close to life so that children can easily associate and use English as often as possible.
In addition, teaching methods play an equally important role in the effectiveness of knowledge acquisition. At this stage, foreign language knowledge should be integrated into situations, play activities in and outside the classroom, …
More specifically, for YOLA, students also practice themselves at home through a special application that contains games, English learning cards, conversation and baby can be recorded pronunciation to teachers have Checking and correcting pronunciation, as well as parents can monitor the progress of children, while training self-discipline in children.
4. Apply the classroom experience to try out
This is a form of no more in English centers for children. Coming to the Yola Dolphin classroom – the children’s English program, parents and children will experience the practical, integrated and exciting O2O classroom model. Where enthusiastic teachers and tutors interact with students in a 100% environment. International standard English with curriculum developed in accordance with European standards, standard voice teachers and academic facilities. International standard with lively decorated classroom, open space practice group increase creativity and social skills.
Experience classes in addition to helping parent to evaluate the needs of an English language center for their child and give them a first-class impression of the environment as they walk a long way, they needs to create an environment for learning.
Oriented more than an English language center for children, YOLA is also an educational institution that accompanies your child in the exploration of potential, to YOLA to create a solid language foundation for your child.

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