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TTO – The meeting took place from 8:30 am, 21-8, consulted methods of learning and preparing English tests for students, especially those who are preparing to study.

Guests of the program will also share the "know-how" and prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT standardized tests.

Guests of the program will also share the “know-how” and prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT standardized tests.

The guests include:

– Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – Doctor of Stanford University (USA), Director of YOLA products

– Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong – MA of Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) Director of Yola University

Mr. Tran Thien Minh, a gifted student from Holderness School, USA (TOEFL117 / 120 and IELTS 8.5 / 9.0).

– Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Head of Department of English – American Culture – United States, Hoa Sen University – Ho Chi Minh City

The exchange is organized by Tuoi Tre Online and YOLA Center.

YOLA is founded and operated by former Vietnamese American students with the goal of comprehensive training in knowledge, skills and people.

YOLA has trained students with the highest SAT scores in Vietnam (2390/2400), Tran Dang Huy and Vu Thanh Trung – Loomis Chaffee School students in the United States (reaching 2390/2400 on the SAT SAT in May. 2014) and the highest TOEFL student in Vietnam (118/120) Vu Kim Khanh.


Representatives of Tuoi Tre Newspapers (left) presented flowers to the guests to attend the online exchange - Photo: Huu Khoa

Representatives of Tuoi Tre Newspapers (left) presented flowers to the guests to attend the online exchange – Photo: Huu Khoa

Invited guests to the online meeting - Photo: Huu Khoa

Invited guests to the online meeting – Photo: Huu Khoa

Tran Thien Minh - Overseas student in the US answers readers - Photo: Huu Khoa

Tran Thien Minh – Overseas student in the US answers readers – Photo: Huu Khoa

* How can you learn English (methodology, curriculum …) for students to remember and communicate well in class 1? (LE VAN TUAN, 40, aitran.nca @)

A student from Holderness School, USA (TOEFL117 / 120 and IELTS 8.5 / 9.0): – For elementary school students, the use of visual illustrations Photos, sounds are very important and necessary for children to remember long term. Communicating, we can encourage children to communicate with native speakers to increase their confidence and reflexes.

* How to learn English at home most effectively? I do not have time to go to class, hoping to guide me … (Do Trang Khang, 36, dtkhangspktstu @)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – Doctor of Stanford University (USA), Director of YOLA products: To determine how to learn English effectively, you must first determine your goals.

If your goal is to learn English primarily for communication or for work, you need to choose some basic English materials to reinforce your knowledge of pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, eg, Cambridge or Oxford.

In addition, you need more exposure to English news channels: television, movies, radio, and at the same time have to have friends to communicate regularly, increasing the ability to reflect in every situation.

If your goal is to study English abroad, you need to choose a suitable set of materials. At the same time, international English exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS and SAT are difficult tests, so you need to grasp the most effective writing strategies. To gain a high score in the Writing and Speaking category, you must have a solid understanding of the society in order to be effective.

Wish you study effectively and successfully.

* I am studying journalism and intend to study in the US, so how can apply for scholarships to universities? (Nguyen Ngoc Minh Tram, 15 years old, jennykute_2009 @)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong – Head of Department of English-American Culture, Hoa Sen University: The prerequisite for a scholarship to the US is to have a good TOFLE IBT score, depending on the field, but from 90 or above is the best. .

The second condition is that the description meets the research or academic objectives required by the school through the Written Statement form. This section is usually rated double: the ability to express language and critical thinking is related to the knowledge that the candidate is aiming for.

The third condition is to choose the right school or institute for scholarships. For example, at Harvard, there is the Harvard Yenching Institute for scholarships related to literary, cultural and social studies in East Asian countries. Or you can also find scholarships offered by companies like Rockefeller.

Considering your situation, you still have time, so you should concentrate on training your English skills. At the same time you should prove to the scholarship that you have a special ability in the field of literature that you intend to study. You can demonstrate a general understanding of American literature in relation to certain aspects of Vietnamese literature. These factors will help you conquer the minds of decision makers.

* Can anyone help me learn vocabulary effectively, especially Thien Minh? (Nguyen Ha Linh, 17 years old, dannguyet08)

– According to you, to learn vocabulary effectively, the most important is to find methods to remember, and apply the words learned in daily life. To remember vocabulary, some of you can use the “traditional” method such as reading a word and its definition, then rewriting or repeating it many times to remember.

In addition, there are newer methods such as using flashcards (magnetic cards, one side with the word memorized, the other with definitions, words, and usage in sentences), or services. Online as Quizlet.

In addition, you can also find new words in everyday life such as reading, watching movies … Then, instead of looking up the dictionary to find out about that right, you can try to guess the meaning of The word, based on the sentence context. This can help to remember longer and more accurately.

* Where is the Yola center located? (Tran Thi Kieu Van, 18 years old, kieuvan0812 @ …)

Mr Tran Thien Minh: Yola Academy currently has two campuses, Level 2, 246 Cong Quynh, and Level 2, No. 45 Vo Thi Sau.

Does the US distinguish between TOEFL and IELTS? (Dream-of-abroad, 16 years old, uvt101 @ …)

– You Tran Thien Minh: Currently, in the system of American universities, the number of schools receiving records with IELTS is increasing. However, not all schools recognize IELTS scores, so for schools that use both TOEFL and IELTS scores, there is no discrimination with either. Conversely, for schools that receive TOEFL only, the IELTS score will not be valid.

* Among hundreds of options, how to choose an effective learning center? (Tuan, 40 years old, tuanpham.1974 @ …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: An effective center for English examinations should focus on the following factors:

First, the teaching staff must be experienced in applying and applying for scholarships to international universities, especially top universities.

In addition, the faculty is experienced in the preparation of English exams, capturing the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese students to guide students in developing a complete and impressive portfolio. Statue with international universities.

That’s why Yola Center instructors are international students and graduates from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

Second, the curriculum needs to be thoroughly researched and developed. Curriculums on the market are usually published by international publishers to serve many learners from different countries. Therefore, when applying these curricula with Vietnam, it is difficult to avoid many inappropriate points because curriculums do not grasp the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese students.

For example, Vietnamese students do not usually score high on the TOEFL, IELTS or SAT sections. The reason is that Vietnamese students do not have a strong social background and arguments are not good.

Embracing these strengths and weaknesses, Yola’s product development team invests in research and delivers the best curriculum so that, in the short term, the student’s progress can be boosted and, at the same time, try to understand the social and thinking abilities of the students.

In addition, a dynamic learning environment is also essential to your motivation and passion. In an environment where both lecturers and students are eager to study for the sake of studying, you will learn a lot from the people around you. At the same time, you will have access to a wealth of information about the realities of study and scholarship opportunities.

* Welcome to Nguyen Lan Huong. You know she has the absolute TOEFL score, so she can advise how to learn TOEFL effectively, how to plan how to deal with the tricks are not? (Nguyen Van Thang, age 16, hyv98812 @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: For her, the TOEFL test is the most standard English test for her, as she prepares for this test, she will have the opportunity to practice important skills for good study. University degree in English-American schools.

When teaching in YOLA, she often instructs her students to answer in a logical order to help save time. She also shared with the students the secret has helped her a lot at an age:

1. Ability to read academic texts as well as university announcements: Vietnamese students can find books to expand their knowledge and practice in English for Academic Purposes. For example, history and science can be read in Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Everything, both fun and informative. Try to read a book a month.

2. Ability to hear and respond in the university environment (including listening to lectures in the lecture halls, and dealing with everyday situations in the university). There are many online courses offered by, EdEx, Khan Academy, iTunesU, TedTalks.

Friends in Vietnam can register and experience college classes. In addition to listening to lectures, you will also hear, observe and learn from American students asking questions and discussing these online courses. You study these courses and listen to 1 lecture per week. Beginners can watch the lectures of Ted Ed before, this is the lecture only 3-5 minutes, vividly illustrated, and then gradually move to the longer and more difficult lecture at Ted. Talks, Coursera.

3. Ability to present your thoughts and opinions: TOEFL does not test grammar or vocabulary, but tests the ability of a candidate to use his or her grammar and vocabulary to express thoughts. It is clear, coherent, and logical.

Preparation for the TOEFL test will allow candidates to practice these skills. In addition, you can refer to the way your peers or famous speakers present their points through the TedTalks program and read articles on the famous network news sites such as the New York Times, the Economists , BBC or CNN.

In today’s Internet, students in Vietnam have many tools to support, just you have the determination and curiosity to find new knowledge.

Doing this daily, helping to create a habit of exploring, learning, is a habit that will help you not only do the TOEFL test that will follow you through college, go. do, as well as in your later life.

Hope the information above helped to answer some of Thang’s questions. For more information, Thang can visit for more information.

* How do homework at home to achieve high TOEFL IBT scores? I did the TOEFL but the score was not very good, only 61/120 only. (Phan Gia Han, 19 years old, song.jia.xin0109 …)

Mr Tran Thien Minh: To practice the TOEFL at home, you can read the online exam papers, or the well-reviewed and well-reviewed books of major education groups such as Barron’s, Longman …

To improve your reading and writing skills, you should read a lot of foreign books to familiarize yourself with the writing style of Western authors, as well as read articles from major news sites like BBC, CNN to boost capital. vocabulary as well as knowledge of life itself.

For listening and speaking skills, you should watch TV, listen to music and communicate regularly with foreigners, to understand and follow their pronunciation and pronunciation.

* Recently known in the US they also need ACT certification. So how to distinguish between ACT and SAT and for whom. For nonimmigrant applicants, is the SAT / ACT approved for entry into a US university? (Hai Phuong, 35 years old, phuonghaims …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: When you apply to American universities, most high-ranked universities (in the top 100 of the US) will ask you to submit your SAT test results or ACT tests for your studies. international students and native students (including migrants).

The SAT will test you on reading, grammar, writing and math.

Meanwhile, the ACT exam will test you on reading, grammar, writing, math, and science. If the college you are applying for allows you to choose SAT or ACT, you can choose whichever course you choose and there will be no discrimination during the review process.

I recommend that you carefully study the content of the two exams and have a good plan to prepare for the English exam. Wish you good luck and success.

* How do I take the TOEFL IELTS test? Are exam strategies different? (Tu Duy, 20 years old, tuduy …)

Mr. Tran Thien Minh: In my opinion, the IELTS program focuses more on communication skills in life, and the knowledge of science. As such, the IELTS reading and listening sections are more “breathable” than the TOEFL. In contrast, the IELTS section requires the examiner to respond directly to native speakers, and the writing may require the student to analyze the various charts and graphs.

The TOEFL test helps students get acquainted with the American university environment. Consequently, the candidates will encounter more academic readings, with broad themes, from astronomy, to economics, politics …

Listening to the TOEFL will include questions from issues in student life in the United States, to the lectures that will be heard in the university program in the country.

* If you have a 60-point TOEFL iBT and you want to score 80 points, how long will it take? (Linda, 15, han.nguyen187 @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong - Academic Director Yola answer questions readers - Photo: Huu Khoa

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong – Academic Director Yola answer questions readers – Photo: Huu Khoa

– Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: In Yola, if your students go to school and do their homework, you will increase the average of 10 points in a 3 month course. Also, in order not to be confused by the psychology of the exam, you need to do the test on the computer to practice effective exam skills.

At YOLA, students have at least 4 computer-based tests in each course, and have the opportunity to take the test each month.

* With good academic ability, time is 6 months, a 12th grade student can achieve IELTS 6.5 (when the oil test is 4.5)? What are the disadvantages of Vietnamese students learning English? (Nguyen Hung, 53, ngthhung04 @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: In Yola, if you go to school and do all the exercises, you will increase the average of 0.5 to 1 point of the IELTS test in a 3 month course. As a result, students taking the entrance exam for 4.5 through 6 months, may be aiming for 6.5 if you are determined to focus on learning as instructed by the teacher.

The common disadvantage of Vietnamese students in the IELTS test is that the pronunciation is not standard and the thesis is not deep enough, leading to the loss of points.

In order to overcome this weakness, you need to be instructed by the teacher to find and correct the pronunciation errors as well as follow the test requirements as stated in the widely publicized scoring scale.

At YOLA, speaking and writing skills are followed closely to the requirements of the test, and the teacher always helps the student to correct common pronunciation errors.

* How do I practice speaking and writing TOEFL? 2. When should I begin to practice SAT? 3. How to choose a university in the United States? (Cao Hoang Ha, 18 years old, nangha_96 …)

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu:

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu - Product Manager of Yola Center answered questions readers - Photo: Huu Khoa

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – Product Manager of Yola Center answered questions readers – Photo: Huu Khoa

1. In general, to successfully prepare for the successful completion of the English Test, you will need to select the appropriate instructor, the appropriate course, and an effective learning environment.

In particular, the TOEFL Speaking section is hard to understand in that you have to arrange and present your speech in a very short time. So, you need a response template for each of the 6 sections of the speaking test. In addition, you also need experienced instructors to help you with English pronunciation errors.

As for writing, time and ideas are a big obstacle. So, you need to practice the hour when writing essay and continuously add general knowledge about society.

2. The SAT is the hardest test for students who want to apply to American universities, especially top universities. Therefore, the preparation of the English for the SAT test requires a longer preparation time.

Often, a good student should start preparing for the SAT in the tenth grade so that you have more time to prepare for other American university requirements.

You can visit the Yola website ( for more information on the TOEFL, SAT and English exam preparation strategies.

3. To select a US university, you need to take the following steps:

– Prepare your English for the TOEFL (or IELTS) and SAT tests to determine your ability.

– Find out about American universities by rankings to determine which schools offer the majors that best suit your aspirations.

– From there, you can choose the school that matches your English exam results

– Learn about the scholarship and financial support policies of the school to suit the family’s finances.

– In addition, you should consider other factors such as weather, where you want to live.

* Do students in Yola have access to native English teachers? What is different about the Yola program compared to the preparatory course? (Hoang Linh, 20 years old, linhhoang …)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: Yola’s teachers include native speakers and Vietnamese students.

Teachers in Yola, whether native English speakers or students, graduate from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. At the same time, most teachers in Yola have undergone successful application and scholarships at these colleges.

The program in Yola is designed and designed based on the experience of preparing students for the Vietnamese students of Yola. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on exploiting strengths and overcoming the weaknesses of Vietnamese students and students.

For example, Vietnamese students and students often have difficulty writing and speaking because they have no general knowledge of society or if they do not know how to express themselves in English. This is a very big minus on the writing and speaking test. So, to overcome this weakness, the Yola curriculum is not just about teaching you skills and strategies, but also supporting you in the social field.

* Huong can tell how English-American cultural knowledge influences English language skills during the test? (Tu Duy, 20 years old, tuduy …)

– Nguyen Lan Huong: Grasping the culture, history, traditions of England and America help a lot for the exam.

A good example is reading and listening in the TOEFL test, which often refers to American history and literature.

Contestants are aware of important American historical events and figures (such as the American Civil War in the nineteenth century or movements of social equality between the 20th century) as well as read through the authors of the work. Famous Americans (such as Mark Twain or Henry Thoreau) will make the examination more enjoyable and easier, helping candidates take the test more confident.

* I’m practicing IELTS but writing and speaking skills are too hard. Can share experience training these two skills okay, you Thien Minh? (Truong Thi Thu Hien, 19 years old, hinetruong @ …)

Mr. Tran Thien Minh: Writing skills, you should read foreign novels, as well as international news sites such as BBC, CNN, VOA … Then you will be familiar with the writing, as well as Western culture, thereby enhancing their writing ability.

For Speaking, you can watch US TV shows such as Star Wars, How I Met Your Mother, or Star Movies, HBO or Cinemax, or regular science shows at Discovery or National Geography.

When watching these programs, you need to pay attention to the intonation, pronunciation, interjection, slang … of the native. Through daily practice (you can practice in front of a mirror, interact with foreigners living and working in Vietnam or take Yola Academy courses to enhance your communication skills. ), you can apply the above remark to your daily life and to the exam to improve your score.

* You are a 3rd year college student. Next year, I will come to the United States as a settlement. You intend to apply for a freshman university in the form of Freshmen because you want to transfer industry. Therefore, SAT and TOEFL are essential.

In the last 3 years, I have not been able to deepen my English or math skills at high school so my knowledge is somewhat limited. Please ask, on the SAT math, what should you start review from? (Thao Nhi, 20 years, nhidangnguyen @ …)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: In order to prepare for the math test of the SAT, I really need only review the basic mathematics skills of level 2. The difficulty in the SAT test with mathematics students in Vietnam is located at the test site. All in English. Therefore, Vietnamese students will sometimes not understand the question or answer because they are unfamiliar with the math vocabulary in English. To overcome this point, you need to create a list of English words in the field of mathematics.

Another difficulty of the math test is that although the question is not difficult but there are many traps that the problem is set in questions and answers. This can be remedied if you are instructed by an experienced exam teacher.

* Before learning English, I only focus on grammar, not practice four skills. This is going to be a college entrance exam so no time to practice. If you are 18 years old and begin to practice four skills, can you achieve high results in international English examinations as well as use for daily life and for work? (Because I intend to go into intensive English. Vo Hoang Nam, 17 years old, nampro808 @ …)

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong - Head of the Department of English-American Culture, Hoa Sen University answers questions asked by readers - Photo: Huu Khoa

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Head of the Department of English-American Culture, Hoa Sen University answers questions asked by readers – Photo: Huu Khoa

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: My anxiety is also my anxiety when I was about to go to college. However, if we have good guidance and a favorable environment, the ability to master the skills is possible.

Grammar ability is the basis for effective acquisition of skills (listening – speaking – reading – writing). Knowledge of grammar belongs to the type of conceptual knowledge. Language skills belong to process knowledge. For example, when you start learning Honda, your parents or siblings tell you the knowledge of how to use the scooter, to gear …

With this knowledge, I’m sure I have run the car yet? The answer depends on the degree of coordination between hand movement and footwork, which is linked to the coordination of the muscles of the body.

Similarly, grammar knowledge will be the foundation for you to use good process knowledge. Grammatical knowledge is an integral part of the skill of expressing and analyzing meaning when reading and listening.

So, is there a delay? The answer depends on the motivation, learning environment, curriculum, and teaching resources.

An example to illustrate the latency factor and not the delay is related to speaking skills.

Studies show that the ability to speak (speaking skills) after 14 years of age will begin to slow down as the jaw system begins to harden. This also explains why early English learners are better pronounced than adult learners. In this respect, you seem to be slow.

However, do not worry. The age of 18 onward is the stage of cognitive ability development. You can use this cognitive thinking ability to observe and evaluate critically to draw the necessary knowledge that you can burn the stage.

For example, what factors can you analyze to make it clear and close to the native speaker? (There are a number of views related to the pronunciation of a native speaker.) I do not want to go into this at all. here).

In terms of speaking, pronunciation is only a factor, the ability to depend on many factors: Understanding the subject, understanding the context is speaking (intimate or serious), understanding of The speaker (age, sex, social position ….), understanding the characteristics of speech language in each category (dialogues, presentations …).

I just presented an example related to speaking skills to see that if you have good learning motivation, along with environmental, curriculum and instructional conditions, you will certainly not be late. As such, he or she can participate in international college exams and ‘survive’ through social interactions every day.

* On September 13th, I went to study in the US, Tran Thien Minh asked me how to enter the US college entrance examination includes what? Is it like taking a TOEFL ibt that requires four skills? Currently, I’m very poor writing skills, but I still have 3 weeks to study in the United States and so worried. So I do not know how kind of entrance test in the US. Can you tell me? (Phan Gia Han, 19 years old, song.jia.xin0109 …)

Mr. Tran Thien Minh: At present, the exams can be considered as entrance examination of American universities is SAT or ACT. Unlike the TOEFL, for both exams, you need math, science, and English skills. However, a set of records used to submit to these schools also requires additional factors.

To gain a place in American universities, you need to undergo a relatively difficult filing process. In addition to the TOEFL iBT, you will need to complete the SAT, as well as write a dissertation, get a high GPA and a letter from your classroom teacher, have an interview with a school representative, and For scholarships, proof of financial condition of the family.

Needless to say, there are schools that do not require or require applicants to have SAT, ACT or TOEFL scores. At the same time, the admissions department will base on the essay, the interview process as well as the GPA to assess the personality and ability of the applicant to make a decision.

To improve your writing skills, you can refer to the Academic Writing materials, if you want to write research paper, or Creative Writing, if you are creative writing. novels or dissertations. For me, reading a lot of books also improves writing and creativity.

* Nearly step 3 but still do not have the right orientation in studying, as well as do not know whether to prepare IELTS, SAT or TOEFL first. I also do not know whether there is enough time to prepare the exam or not, please advice help. (Nguyễn Thanh, age 14, thuy.thanh9999 @ …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: First of all, I would like to confirm that you have enough time to prepare for English test for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT. Depending on the purpose and ability, each will have a different plan and schedule in the preparation.

However, it is usually advisable to prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS test at the end of 9th grade and in the 10th grade. When you have achieved the TOEFL score, IELTS is expected to be from the end of the 10th grade and the 11th grade, You will focus on preparing the SAT.

You can visit Yola’s website ( to find out more about the articles and instructions on how to prepare for the English exam effectively. Wish you success in the road conquering your dream of studying abroad.

Want to improve your English listening and speaking skills well in four months to get a high TOEFL score? (Huynh Mai Thuy Duong, age 17, thuyduongmunmun @ …)

– Nguyen Lan Huong: The first thing you need to do is to understand the requirements of the TOEFL test in listening and speaking.

Listening will require understanding of the dialogue as well as the academic lectures, so you need to train the ability to recognize the vocabulary and structure of academic speech.

In this section, you will be asked to present personal, academic situations. As such, he will have to practice coherent articulation, using appropriate vocabulary and structure.

The next step is to prepare for the test on the machine for a limited time, especially the speaking section when the time is in seconds! To do this is the only way to practice it.

In YOLA, she always shares her experiences with her students. When she was 17 years old, one month before the exam, she sat down right at 8:00 every night, trained for 2 hours, every day . Thanks to regular practice and perseverance, when she entered the examination room, she was much better.

When should students practice SAT? What are the advantages of high SAT? (Hoang Linh, 20 years old, linhhoang …)

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: Most of the top US universities require you to submit your SAT scores, especially if you are applying for a scholarship or financial aid from a school.

At the same time, the higher the university rankings and the greater the scholarship and financial support, the higher the SAT score. So, some high SAT scores will help you increase your chances of getting into top universities and get scholarships.

Because the SAT is a very difficult test and universities require a lot of other factors, it is best to start the SAT preparation in the 10th grade.

* IELTS final exam is 5.0. I need to score 7.5 on the January 1-2015 exam. Can consulting help can achieve that ability? (Ho Minh Phuong, 24 years old, tieuhanh88 …)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: Depending on the purpose and ability of each individual will have different progress in the preparation of English test. However, usually, at Yola, each student will increase 1-1.5 points in about 3 months.

To get the results you want in such a short time, you need experienced tutors, a course that is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese students, and an environment dynamic learning.

In addition, the most important is the effort itself during the preparation process. This is a difficult process, but only so you can conquer your goal. Wish you reap the success and continuous effort for your goals.

* I’m going to take the IELTS test in September to study but the listening skills are weak. Can you teach your IELTS listening skills? If learning at home, how to practice speaking skills? (Nguyen Thanh Vy, 18, Violetmarry2013 @ …)

– You Tran Thien Minh: You can refer to the official published materials of Cambridge to practice listening and speaking skills. In addition, large corporations such as Barron’s or Longman also regularly publish materials for exams on English exams such as TOEFL, IELTS or SAT.

To practice listening at home, you can refer to the material above, as well as regularly watch TV programs (without using subtitles), or listen to music, and especially to find An opportunity to communicate in English with native speakers.

* Know how to get a high IELTS score? And how long will IELTS work for best results? (Pham Vu Quynh Anh, 17 years old, Junni3pham @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: Like any exam, to achieve the desired results, we need to know what the test needs.

For the IELTS test, the requirements for speaking and writing are specifically announced, and I just need to stick to these requirements in preparation. Particularly for reading and listening, he equips himself with the ability of academic vocabulary and paraphrasing.

An interesting way to learn is to read newsletters from different sources about the same content (for example, read about the American journalist James Foley crashed on the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, the Japan Times to see the different expressions)

Improving your English skills is like practicing other skills, and the more you practice, the better. When she was at her age, she took the TOEFL exam 670/677. For a while, after living and studying in the English speaking environment, she retested 120/120. Please practice every day!

* My son is in 6th grade. I would like him to study English in the center. I intend to study abroad after high school graduation but wondering now should children to study under any program. Give me some ideas about self-study syllabus. (Nguyen Thi Hong Quyen, 35, nthquyen_vt @ …)

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: In order to achieve the goal of studying abroad after graduating from high school, your family can prepare for your son following the steps below:

– In Level 2, English language skills need to be improved, not just English, but also English for Academic Purposes, together with general thinking and general thinking skills. English study abroad.

This requires an English language program that combines academic English, advanced analytical and argumentative thinking, activities and lectures with general social background.

Normally, English programs for middle school students focus only on communicative English or academic English.

This will create a huge gap in thinking and general knowledge, making it difficult for students to take the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT tests, as well as in the process of applying for or interviewing with leading universities in developed countries.

– When transferring to Level 3, students will begin to practice English for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT. To achieve high results and increase the possibility of admission and scholarship of top universities, students should be guided by a team of experienced trainers who are also experienced in the past. application for scholarship.

At the same time, an appropriate study program and a dynamic learning environment with many friends and the same goal of studying abroad will help students have more motivation and passion to strive for their dream of studying abroad. .

– In addition to preparing for the English Test, your family needs your son to participate in some sporting, artistic and community activities. Leading universities often want to receive and provide scholarships for a wide range of students: academic excellence, good thinking, extra-curricular passion, and pragmatic thought and action. community.

* I am planning for my child to study. What should I prepare for my child’s English and other necessary knowledge and skills? I am 12 years old. Thank you. (Pham Hong Hai Tan, 40, tanpham.us14 @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: In order to study abroad, students must take the TOEFL / IELTS and SAT tests. These are difficult tests for Vietnamese students, so they will take a long time to prepare.

To gain high marks in these exams, in addition to good English, they must have good general knowledge from natural science, history and culture. He can prepare him from grade 2 by acquainting him with the academic knowledge of scientific and social subjects to expand his vocabulary as well as his background knowledge.

YOLA is implementing YOLA English Junior program using the US Content-Based Instruction (CBI) method. This approach helps secondary school students to develop their English skills, expand their general knowledge, and introduce the academic skills they need. Upon completion of the Junior program, students may continue their TOEFL 80 or higher.

Want to improve your English skills in order to find good jobs in the future as well as develop yourself to study TOEFL or IELTS? (Trung, 19 years old, trungheo17 @ …)

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: If you want to study English for good work in the future, both the TOEFL and IELTS test will help you. Most companies, especially foreign companies or companies with foreign partners, usually require one of the two tests. Therefore, to meet the recruitment requirements, you can choose one of the two tests.

However, personally, I think you should choose IELTS because the content will be more appropriate. The TOEFL test is slightly academic, focusing on topics that a student will study and interact with in a university environment.

Meanwhile, the IELTS test is more diversified, with both academic subject matter and subject matter related to daily life and work. So, the IELTS test will give you more experience with these topics.

In general, both will help you to practice all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. If you take the exam and get a high score on any test, then you have the ability to communicate well in the international work environment. Good luck.

* My grandfather plans to study abroad, but his listening and speaking skills are not good. How much additional training do you need while you are attending an international school? (Dang Ngoc, 40 years old, ngoc2403 …)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: To practice listening / speaking skills, the following conditions are required: 1. Motivation; 2. Not afraid of being “lost face”; 3. Loyalty to the training schedule; 4. A “safe” environment.

Although listening / speaking are interrelated, however, during the training, you can teach individual skills. In listening skills, you should encourage your child to go through these steps:

1. Listen to the main idea while closing the document. Do not be too concerned about having to understand everything. The important thing after listening to a paragraph (in the learning materials) is to understand what is not.

2. Then, listen again and check that you understand the main content that you did not understand the first time.

Open the reading material (not listening) and underline the non-listening sections that affect the main idea.

4. Then close the document, listen again and see if the paragraphs underlined are not heard.

Open the document and check the sections that you have heard and can not hear. Self-explanatory reason is due to: vocabulary, sound is connected to each other. If by vocabulary, learn new words. If it is due to a negative tone, it is important for the experienced person to know how to “decode” the sound element (eg ‘going to’ will hear ‘gonna’; ‘gimme’). Also, listen to a variety of genres (news, presentations, conversations) with a variety of topics (culture, health, education, economics, communication …). Special English resources provide many topics.

To practice speaking, the following points should be noted:

1. There should be a group of close friends to practice. Should be familiar with some foreign friends.

2. You should learn some fixed speech (eg, ‘May I help you’ when office staff receive phone calls) for functional purposes in common situations. Commitment.

Read and listen to the media on a variety of topics to gain additional knowledge of the topic and vocabulary.

4. Speaking skills related to interaction and self-presentation. Therefore, practice self-presentation on topics you have just read and heard.

If practiced so, the listening and speaking skills will improve very quickly and the ability to study abroad will be at hand.

* How to gain English speaking and listening skills when communicating with foreigners. In order to study abroad, what skills do you need in English? (Do Trung Hau, 15 years old, trunghau_clever_1999 @ …)

– You Tran Thien Minh: To communicate well with foreigners, you need confidence, ability to reflect and understand the culture of your country. You can watch foreign TV programs to learn about the culture, behavior, as well as how to speak, pronounce … of native speakers. Thereby, you can practice your ability to hear and speak.

In addition, you need to apply what you learned in daily life by finding opportunities to communicate with foreigners.

When attending a Yola Academy course, you are maximally equipped to train your speaking skills by getting in touch with graduates from major US universities.

For study abroad, in addition to the ability to behave and hear, you need the skills of writing essay, creative writing, as well as reading skills so that you can read the reference materials in each subject without too much time. space.

Also, context-sensitive word-based skills are important, as not everyone has the perfect vocabulary, and dictionaries are not always available for use.

Can an example of a student gain more SAT in a short period of time for reference? (Mạnh Đạt, 17 years old, crissnguyen.2610 @ …)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: In fact, there are many students gaining a high SAT in a short time. For example, Tran Dang Huy (Harvard University freshman) has increased more than 400 SAT scores in just one month at Yola High School to keep the absolute close to 2390/2400.

Students from special schools such as Le Hong Phong, Pho Thong Nang Khieu, Tran Dai Nghia increased 300-600 points in 3-5 months to reach over 2200 points, qualified to submit to universities. learn top.

In addition, many students have lower starting points (about 1200-1400 SAT), after 3-6 months, also increased 300-500 points to pass the level of 1700-1800, eligible To apply for a scholarship or partial financial aid.

You can visit Yola’s website ( to view a list of Yola students who score high on the SAT and find out more about the story and the experience of exam preparation. He studied, hunting scholarships of fellow students.

Wish you success and find true passion, to try your best for the dream of studying.

* I’m self-taught IELTS with 6.5 – 7.0. Asked at this point, the self-study and practice is not good or should go to the training center. Can you share your self-study experience in writing and speaking? (Đăng Đăng, 22 years old, doanhaidangvn @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: For effective preparation, the best way is to combine the guidance of experienced teachers and self-study.

At YOLA, teachers are dedicated to helping students find weaknesses to overcome, and giving advice so that students can improve their exam strategies and help them develop their English skills.

For self-study in writing and speaking, look for sample texts, sample answers that have high scores, and compare them with the test requirements to see what the actual performance of the test is.

For example, the quiz requires the use of complex grammatical structures – in the article is 9 points, the writer used any structure to be recognized as complex structure, using this structure how many times to be recognized as many?

Speaking alone, self-cultivation will be difficult because we will not hear their own pronunciation errors.

If we hear the wrong pronunciation, then did not make that mistake. You need to talk to native speakers to help identify these errors, but it will be more effective if you are guided by a Vietnamese teacher or a sibling. As a teacher or sibling, you have made the same mistake, and can share and guide you to the best practice.

In Yola, when teaching the part, she always shared her own experiences on recognizing and correcting the pronunciation of her / s / s, and the students were able to apply it to correct it. your fault.

* How do you distribute Minh when school program is quite heavy? School day at school, night study, doing exercises have run out of time so it is difficult to learn English. (Ngoc Minh, 18 years old, minhngoc221 …)

Friends of Tran Thien Minh: When I was in Gifted School, I tried my best to complete my assignments in school, or after school and before school.

After further study, I often go to international news sites to update the world, as well as practice my reading and writing skills.

Before going to bed, I often watch TV programs to practice listening and speaking. At weekends, I attend English language clubs at the school for the opportunity to communicate and practice foreign languages.

* When writing a Personal Statement to apply for scholarships, how to write to convince the admissions committee? I plan to study in the USA but need scholarships to support. (Pham Anh Phuong, age 13, bizarre.rabbit @ …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: To apply and apply for scholarships from American universities, especially top universities, you must prepare a core essay (approximately 650 words) and some essays (50-300 words, depending on the school). If your essay conquers Admissions Committee in thousands of records, you should pay attention to the following points:

– The essay should tell a story of yourself and you are the central character, thereby expressing a unique and outstanding character. Thereby, the admissions department will see a prominent student from a variety of records.

– Essays must show deep and thoughtful thinking. Often, Vietnamese students’ essay focuses on narrative and storytelling, but lacks critical thinking.

– Essays must have a compelling narrative style, making the reader really interested to read from the beginning to the end of your story.

– Your writing skills need to be creative writing, not academic writing.

For further reading, you can go to Facebook and find out about Yola College Essay to read more about Yola’s essay writing skills and outstanding essays.

However, in addition to essay, you need to meet other requirements such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation.

* I also intend to study and have started learning English for 2 years. Tran Thien Minh can share how to learn English well because his speaking ability is still limited even though he has practiced a lot (USA, 17 years, myson @ …)

– You have to learn English well, you need elements such as confidence, determination, as well as clear purpose.

For the ability to speak, you can watch foreign television programs to practice your pronunciation as well as your intonation.

If you have time and opportunity, you should communicate with foreigners as much as possible to enhance your confidence as well as reflexes, and have the opportunity for native speakers to correct their mistakes.

* The most important SAT test vocabulary but do not know what vocabulary of the book is best? Barron’s SAT or Word Smart? Would you like to know the eligibility for university scholarships offered by American universities, specifically Stanford University? (Duy, 18 years old, anhco989 @ …)

– Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu:

1. Actually, the vocabulary in the SAT is not the most important. That’s just the hardest part of the SAT because questions are more about argumentative thinking based on context, sentence structure rather than vocabulary.

In addition, you do not necessarily learn one by one, but you can learn vocabulary with root, prefix, and suffix.

However, a rich vocabulary will also help you a lot in reading the SAT thinking. In addition to the materials you currently have, you can use Direct Hit or you can search for websites that offer SAT vocabulary exercises on google. One of the most important methods is to learn vocabulary in the exams themselves as these vocabularies appear in the SAT.

2. To apply for a scholarship to a US good university, you must meet the following requirements:

– Academic achievement in the high school.

– High scores on TOEFL, IELTS, SAT

– Admission essays

– Extracurricular activities

– Letter of recommendation from the teacher.

Good luck.

* How to study good English for study abroad. If you study well the TOEFL, IELTS will apply much in the field of study English majors? (phongvu @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: Learning TOEFL will be more useful for learning English than studying IELTS, because the TOEFL test focuses entirely on testing the ability to use English in the university environment.

Students who prepare for the TOEFL test will be required to practice their skills in finding, analyzing, and interpreting information in a standardized format in English-American universities. will be less shocked when reading specialized literature or writing research papers.

In YOL, when teaching TOEFL, teachers often let students watch real lectures at universities, and share their learning experiences as students.

When studying abroad, learning a specialized language is all students need to do, regardless of whether the student is American, French or Vietnamese.

To fully master these specialized languages, students will need to read and study from materials, write essays and presentations, as well as use the vocabulary of group discussions. University. Enthusiasm for new knowledge is also an important factor that helps learners to grasp faster.

At present, most students only focus on English exam programs, but when studying abroad, apart from the knowledge learned in the process of study and training there are also issues that need attention in. the actual rubbing when studying abroad? (briannguyen @ …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: In the process of preparing for the English Test, many students just focus on skills and tactics but ignore the exploitation of academic knowledge and social knowledge. on the test. At the same time, many textbooks on the market do not provide this knowledge.

This is a big disadvantage for students, because after studying abroad, besides communication skills, you need a certain amount of knowledge to integrate in study and in life. This knowledge includes economics, culture, history, society, science …

Essays in the enrollment and study process, as well as interviews, often require a certain amount of knowledge. Therefore, you need to regularly update knowledge from a variety of media.

* How to hear more fluently and vocabulary more? (Dinh Nhat Bao Tran, 12 years old, dmkdt @ …)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: As stated in the above answer on listening and speaking skills, here I would like to add some ideas related to the correlation between increased vocabulary and listening skills. – to speak.

Want to increase vocabulary, the first condition is to listen or read. When word comes to the brain, the possibility of forgetting happens if you do not know how to put them in long-term memory.

Some documents show that the frequency required to memorize a new word is many times (more than 100 times). So, listening and speaking will be a prerequisite to increasing the amount of vocabulary in long-term memory.

In addition, the traditional method of recording vocabularies is also a way to increase vocabulary, with the occasional reopening and re-use.

In listening skills, listening to various types of subjects: conversation, communication (news, TV programs …), presentations …

The level of difficulty in these categories is expressed in: the number of speakers (eg speaking one speaker, two or more speaking); speaking speed (direct reporting speed is usually faster than conversation speed); Themes (deep knowledge of the subject can be found in presentations rather than conversations) …

Strategies for listening are also important. Practice listening techniques to guess the main idea, secondary meaning and identify the link sound (connected, shortened …).

In speaking skills, if your level is weak then you should practice based on the materials have Integrated skills. These documents will facilitate ‘safe’ (sample structure …) to use the language before you use the language completely ‘free’. As you get better, you’ll be able to use skill-building materials such as Quest, Mosaic, and more.

* In addition to learning English to study, in the process of self-study it is difficult to find inspiration to learn English. Can some tips on how to enjoy learning English? (Nguyen Van Tinh, 18 years, tinhnguyen151296 @ …)

– You Tran Thien Minh: For me, inspired by learning English from a small, when watching cartoons always have to try to follow the subtitles.

Growing up a bit, I was able to read through translated translations, and always felt that although the translation was relatively complete, something was missing in the translator’s words. Since then, I always desire to learn English to read these works.

You can find inspiration in learning English from everyday life, such as the desire to have access to a new culture, the desire to grasp the language of the world, or simply to challenge yourself. .

* How to practice standard pronunciation and increase your IELTS score. Where should I learn to write IELTS for beginners? (Nguyen Thi Hoa, 24 years old, thanhhoa144 …)

– Nguyen Lan Huong: In my opinion, there are some tips:

1. Understand the requirements of the speaking test.

2. Find sample responses that meet the test requirements and analyze sample responses. In YOLA, classroom teachers (say 8.0 or higher) will present the sample answer and analyze with you.

3. You will need to learn with the teacher to help you recognize pronunciation errors, and be instructed in corrective exercises. As each language will have a different characteristic, you will need a teacher who understands the specificities of English and Vietnamese, in order to be able to deliver the appropriate training to Vietnamese speakers.

* I gave my 10-year-old son to learn English for 5 years now, his ability to communicate and pronounce is good. Preparing for the 6th grade, please ask if the method of learning English is still relevant? If not, how should I teach my child to learn English? I wish to win a scholarship to study abroad later. Thanks for the program. (Han Thi Mai, 42 years old, hangthimai49 …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: There are a lot of teaching methods available on the English language training market: learning English, grammar, and so on. Learners attain a certain level of language. According to Mai share, she now has good reflexes and standard pronunciation. This is very good and will help you a lot in the preparation for studying English later.

At grade 2, students will have strong physical, psychological and intellectual development. Therefore, choosing an appropriate English learning method is important. I would like to introduce you to a new method of learning English: English Learning Integrated Learning (CBI). Although new in Vietnam, but this method has been successfully applied in the US and Canada for more than 10 years.

When learning a foreign language using the CBI method, students will not learn a foreign language directly, but will learn the general knowledge of history, literature, natural sciences and the arts. After hours of reading and researching various academic topics, students will receive assignments from a teacher or small project to help them apply the knowledge they have learned. They implement projects assigned by actively seeking information, working with their peers, then writing or lecturing in front of teachers for grading and commenting.

Soft skills such as research skills, teamwork, and leadership are also significantly improved through each lesson. All the above are done in English. This is the biggest difference of the CBI method compared with other methods of learning English.

In addition, in order to win a scholarship, Ms. Mai can direct her children to take part in sports, art and painting activities. She is also active in social activities.

Currently YOLA is applying the CBI method for YOLA English Junior (for students from 10 to 15 years old). Upon successful completion of the Junior course, they will continue to take TOEFL iBT 80 or IELTS 6.5.

* To prepare for the TOEFL, what kind of basic books do I need? (Hong Minh -35 years old minhmong @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: For any test, to achieve high results, the first is to grasp the requirements of the post. You need to find the materials for the TOEFL test preparation agency to do this.

The next thing to do is to identify your strengths and weaknesses as compared to the requirements of the test, and purchase books that complement those weaknesses. At present, bookstores have a variety of books to support each of the skills of the TOEFL test for you to choose.

Finally, it is necessary to equip some basic social knowledge to use in the article. You can refer to online courses or online lectures at sites such as Ted Talks or

* I am in the 11th grade and look forward to studying in the US after graduating from high school. Where should I start, heard to apply for American schools need a SAT score? How does this test? Do you need a SAT score to study in the US? I hope Hieu will advise help. (Thu Hoai, 17 years, hoaithu192 @ …)

– Nguyen Chi Hieu: In order to study in the US, you first have to identify the subjects suitable for your ability. So the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT tests are pretty good measures to determine the field.

Since you are an 11th grade student, your time is limited, but if you are struggling to prepare for the TOEFL (or IELTS) and SAT tests at the same time, and concentrate on completing the TOEFL You may still be able to go to a good school and be able to apply for a scholarship or financial aid.

The higher your SAT score, the better your chances of getting into a good university and getting scholarships and financial aid will be more certain. Most of Yola’s students with SAT scores over 1900-2000 are eligible for scholarships and financial support from part-time to full-time at the top 100 US universities.

But if your time is not too comfortable or your English is not very high, you can choose schools that do not require SAT and only require TOEFL or IELTS. Normally these schools are not the top ranking schools or many scholarships, but the quality is also very good.

You can take the SAT, TOEFL, IELTS test at centers to determine your goals and your route to prepare for your dream of studying.

* Thien Minh’s TOEFL and IELTS score is his dream. Can you share your experiences in the process of training to get such high scores? Should I take the exam in the center or can self-study? Thank Minh (Dang Khoa, 18 years, khoadang.125 @ …)

– You Tran Thien Minh: According to yourself, to achieve dream score, you need to refer to the online materials as well as printed books. FAHASA bookstores and other bookstores now sell TOEFL and IELTS materials from exam organizations such as ETS or Cambridge University Press, and other education groups such as Barron’s or Longman.

You can refer to these materials at home to improve your skills and improve your scores. However, to gain high marks, you should take the exam at the center, especially Yola Academy. I have studied TOEFL at the center and feel that the program taught here is very suitable for students. You can refer to Yola’s website at for more information.

* Vocabulary learns and misses a lot. When reading the article is very good, but at the time of writing, only words can be used, not remember and difficult to apply the words learned. Tell me how to use the vocabulary learned to write the essay effectively? (Ngoc, 18 years old, buithuphuong73 @ …)

Mr. Tran Thien Minh: To apply the vocabulary in the essay effectively, you need to know the usage, the type of words, as well as the words that usually accompany the word. Once you have memorized the above information, try to use it a lot.

Start by writing sentences that use words to remember correctly. Then, write a paragraph that uses the word, and gradually into a text. With this method, you can both improve your grammar skills by writing multiple articles and paragraphs, and can remember one or more words correctly and permanently.

* My son this year in grade 10, he is very fond of studying abroad, but the course schedule and his extra classes are quite dense. Should I take more English language tests to prepare my student visa or encourage my self-study at home? With the TOEFL or IELTS certificates, can I self-study? (Hoa, 1954, sdafds @ …)

Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: To study abroad, a student must have the IELTS or TOEFL certificate is the most basic. In preparation for these two tests, it is necessary to combine the guidance of the teacher and the hard work of the students. The teacher will guide you through the test, help you identify your student’s individual weaknesses, and provide exercises to help you develop appropriate strategies to help you overcome these weaknesses. Students will need to go home doing all these exercises.

It is difficult and time consuming for a student to identify his own weaknesses, as he will have to try many different ways to find the most effective way. . Comparing this to 4-6 hours of study at the center, 2-4 hours of homework to achieve an average of 10 points over a 3 month period, the placement of time at the center will be effective. than.

* I plan to study in the US and count the gap year to 3 years. So what impact on the ability to receive and apply for scholarships? What should I do to make the gap year meaning? (Thanh, 19 years old, alan_0196 @ …)

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: Usually, if a student is absent for one year and is applying for a gap year, his or her ability to receive and apply for a scholarship is still high. If you are an excellent student with high TOEFL, IELTS and SAT scores. In addition, a compelling essay and extracurricular activities during the five gap year will also help you increase your scholarship eligibility.

In fact, the longer you gap year, the less likely you are to receive and apply for a scholarship from a US university. However, if you use those years for a job, a project that is meaningful to the individual and to the community, then the likelihood of being accepted into the school and getting a scholarship is high.

Huyen Chip also took a gap year more than four years after graduating from high school but finally got admitted to Stanford University with a very high scholarship. The reason is that what Huyen Chip do during the gap year really meaning to himself and to many young people.

In addition, Huyen Chip also has a beautiful profile with high SAT score, TOEFL score and very good essay. And indeed there are other cases like Huyen Chip, also gap year and still get the scholarships from the good schools.

However, I would recommend that if you have the right conditions and time, and your ability is good, you should prepare and apply in grade 12 because then your ability will be stronger.

You should only take the gap year if you do not really prepare for entrance requirements or you have a project or job that has a significant impact on the individual or the community. Hope you think carefully, prepare well and choose the right path for yourself.

Wish you luck and success on the way to realize your dream of studying abroad.

* Effective learning methods for future 9th graders to study? (Ly, 53 years old, linh.pham.7355 @ …)

– Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong: She can give her English test level to set the appropriate route.

TOEFL and IELTS, two basic qualifications for studying abroad are valid for two years, so you need to prepare for the 11th grade to be able to pass the test.

At Yola, at the age of 9, if the level of the student has not met, students can take the Junior English program to improve their English skills and equip them with the necessary social skills. After that, students will study TOEFL, IELTS.

* Please help me learn how to learn English effectively on 4 skills. (Pham The Anh, 29 years old, pta.giapty @ …)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: With listening and speaking skills, you can refer to the answers above. Here I would like to focus on two reading-writing skills.

First, determine what your purpose of learning English is: Communication or academics. If you just communicate, the writing skills you need to meet are more relevant to the ability to write letters like emails. With regard to academics, you need the ability to write essays, analyze, compare …

Here I assume you are learning English to serve general purposes. So, with reading skills you need to develop the ability to understand and process information. Literature has often encouraged reading skills such as quick reading for ideas, detailed reading, but little attention to how students read quickly.

Therefore, to read fluently need to develop synchronized comprehension and fast reading ability. For quick reading, you need to improve your ability to read in phrases. To do this, you need to know the root of the phrases. On this basis, you will refine your eye to identify the words in each cluster with the relevant elements. Interactions 1 has a presentation on this subject.

To improve your comprehension, you need to be familiar with a variety of reading styles, topics and lengths. At the same time, you need to practice word-guessing skills along with the main and secondary sense-recognition skills. As you read, you should take the following steps:

1 / Read the title and small headings to visualize the main idea

2 / Read the first and second sentences (usually express the main idea of the paragraph) in the body and conclusion to verify the main idea that you have envisioned in step 1.

3 / After visualizing the main idea, read the entire article and underline the words do not understand.

4 / Review the underlined words and guess the words from the context.

5. Dictionary of unpredictable words.

In writing skills, you should have a mentor. However, the current writing method is often based on the principle of writing by genre. Each category will require the appropriate vocabulary and structure to meet the target audience when writing. For example, I can not say ‘from the day I found you I started loving you positively’ when writing letters to your beloved person for not matching the love letters. Therefore, you should choose the syllabus with instructions on how to structure, vocabulary and how to organize the paragraph.

To write well, at a personal level, you can do the following:

1 / Make a brief diary of the events of the day and write short comments on those events. You can summarize what you have learned during the day and think about those phenomena. This way you will reinforce the vocabulary and structure you learned during the day.

You should write about topics that come to you during the day. You do not care about right or wrong, writing freely will help you get ideas on a certain topic that you can use later.

Should be written in the form of ‘imitation’. For example, you can rewrite a letter that complains you have just learned with the change in the object being sent. This will help you learn the structures that are common in certain types of correspondence and satisfy the requirements that the ‘underground’ society in that category.

Here are some suggestions you can do yourself. However, as you said, if you want to develop more, you need a mentor.

* You are a bachelor of environmental technology, want to apply for scholarships to study for a master’s degree in the US corresponding majors must meet the minimum requirements (language proficiency, graduation average …) . If you qualify, what should you prepare for your application? Thank you! (thiennga)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: You can refer to a similar question above that I have answered a fellow student specializing in writing to study abroad.

There may be different majors, but basically the conditions for preparation are relatively the same.

Good luck!

* You ask yourself how to write how to become better and better? (Phan Gia Han, 19 years old, song.jia.xin0109 @)

– TS. Nguyen Thu Huong: Hi there! I have read the answers above, I have basic instructions to develop all 4 skills Listen – Speak – Read – Write then you.

Wish you learn English well!


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