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“Tại Yola, chúng tôi tin rằng con người là tải sản quan trọng nhất nên Yola luôn chú trọng vào phát triển đội ngũ nhân sự và văn hóa tổ chức.
Cùng nhau tham gia vào đội ngũ của chúng tôi để tìm ra SỨC MẠNH TIỀM NĂNG CỦA BẠN! “



    Quận 1 | 04/10/2018


    • Manage day-to-day accounting activities in accordance with the organization’s accounting policies and procedures;
    • Built up and implemented the company's reporting system;
    • Set up and control accounting software system of the company as well as set up accounting policies;
    • Maintained accounting records and supervised all transactions accounting processes and monthly closing preparation to ensure the adequacy of monthly internal report and external monthly reports, statutory reporting, tax reporting;
    • Review all accounting statements to ensure they have been accurately prepared;
    • Provide technical expertise and advice on complex accounting issues to the other Head of divisions to help them to develop revenue and control expense budgets;
    • Lead, direct, evaluate and develop by training a team of accounting professionals to ensure that accounting activities are completed accurately and on time;
    • Perform other duties related to accounting, as and when required.


    • Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Finance or related field.
    • Minimum 5 years working experience in same position
    • Prefer candidates have knowledge of F&B, Chain stores and Franchises  accounting.
    • Honest, willing to learn new things and attention to details.
    • Ability to work independently & resourcefully.
    • Skills: leadership, negotiation, cross-functional communication

    Please send your application to huy.nq01@yola.vn


    Quận 1 | 03/10/2018


    ·         In charge of the ongoing market research (real estate, demographic, competitor activities, demand size from local schools) in the assigned market to identify target areas for expansion.

    ·         Develop and leverage on the network of real estate brokers/developers/landlords to identify potential sites.

    ·         Maintain a streamlined site acquisition pipeline to achieve the center expansion target.

    ·         Negotiate directly with the brokers and landlords on lease terms, project requirements & drafting the lease contract.

    ·         Collaborate with legal team to legally qualify each potential site.

    ·         Manage the site assessment process to develop new center proposals. Each new center proposal consists of a technical site assessment, a financial site assessment (lease terms, OPEX and CAPEX budgets) and an assessment of the local demand.

    ·         Provide BE Project Manager and Center Management team the communication support with landlords to resolve issues related to the centers.

    ·         Regularly follow up with Center Management team and BE Project Manager to identify & execute support actions to ensure all new centers achieve their sales targets in the first six months.

    ·         Conduct an annual performance analysis of all training centers in the assigned market and prepare proposals for relocation or expansion of existing centers.

    ·         Participate in the process to develop new center concepts and new business models.


    ·         Bachelor Degree (technical programme is preferred).

    ·         At least 5 years of experience working for a retail/service chain, with at least 3 years directly leading a team to develop new stores/locations.

    ·         Familiar with the local education market is a plus.

    ·         Good understanding of the local real estate market.

    ·         Working experience in market research.

    ·         Understanding of business financial models.

    ·         Excellent verbal & written communication skill.

    ·         Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.

    Please send your application to huy.nq01@yola.vn


    Tp Hồ Chí Minh | 26/09/2018

    Job Description


    • Create and monitor a system of controls, procedures, and forms for the recordation of fixed assets.
    • Recommend to management any updates to accounting policies related to fixed assets.
    • Assign tag numbers to fixed assets.
    • Record fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions in the accounting system.
    • Track the compilation of project costs into fixed asset accounts, and close out those accounts once the related projects have been completed.
    • Reconcile the balance in the fixed asset subsidiary ledger to the summary-level account in the general ledger.
    • Calculate depreciation for all fixed assets.
    • Review and update the detailed schedule of fixed assets and accumulated depreciation.
    • Calculate asset retirement obligations for those fixed assets




    • 2+ years of fixed asset accounting experience.
    • Bachelor's degree in accounting preferred. 
    • Must be detail oriented.


    If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Please send your application to huy.nq01@yola.vn


    Tp Hồ Chí Minh | 26/09/2018



    • Manage the day to day academic operations at the center.
    • Onboarding and induction training for new teachers at the center.
    • Observe, train, coach, motivate and develop teachers and tutors to provide excellent learning results and service.
    • Assist Center Manager and Customer Experience Department in handling customer complaints related to academics quality at center.
    • Responsible for appropriate forecasting teacher recruitment needs, both yearly and adhoc, to ensure consistent teacher standards and achieve center KPIs.
    • Work with Academic Department and HR Department to ensure that people development strategies for teacher retention and excellent results are in place.
    • Ensure teaching team’s adherence to relevant government regulations, code and law.
    • Ensure all company policies, procedures, regulations, document & reporting systems and standards are consistently followed through by all teachers and academic support personnel.
    • Assure consistent levels of student and teacher satisfaction.
    • Assist Center Manager to create and provide timely and accurate reports that track and report all center KPIs to BOD and Director of Centers.
    • Assist Academic Department, Marketing Department and Director of Centers to plan learning and teaching excellence projects, including but not limited to professional development, quality control process, brainstorming and implementing new learning products.




    • Minimum Bachelor Degree.
    • 5 years plus working experience in similar field, with at least 2 years in academic and/or service management, and 1 year of teaching experience. Strong preference is given to individuals with management experience in education management and service industry.
    • Experience teaching English to teenagers and/or test prep is a plus but not required.
    • Strong belief in delivering educational and service excellence.
    • Strong focus on setting standards in teaching and learning excellence.
    • Fluent in English.
    • Skills: strategy planning, management and leadership, organization, presentation, delegation.
    • Able to train, coach and mentor teachers, with well-developed people skill and ability to manage complex working relationships.
    • Good communication, persuasion, interpersonal and analytical skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal style – with cultural sensitivity to deal with diverse nationalities.
    • Good PC skills in MS Office, especially Excel and Power Point.
    • Willing to travel around and outside the city.


    Please send us your application to huy.nq01@yola.vn


    Tp Hồ Chí Minh | 26/09/2018

    At YOLA We Offer:

    • A set of unique and effective learning products and support services catering to the learning needs of our students
    • A strong internal personal and professional support network
    • An exciting, close-knit, fun and professional working environment
    • A clear career path and development plan for progress into senior positions

    Job Description

    • Customer consultation, tailoring of course to customer needs, calculate and inform course price
    • Manage customer walk-ins, telephone and email inquiries
    • Coordinate class opening and scheduling with other Education Consultants, Center Coordinators and other related personnel to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Provide excellent after-sales service and regular follow-up to maintain high customer satisfaction
    • Develop strong relationships with customers to maximize referral and renewal opportunities
    • Take excellent care of students and build trust with parents to foster customer loyalty
    • Show passion and commitment to ensure students reach their educational goals
    • Maintain center facilities and related equipment: clean, tidy, workable
    • Manage center issues, receive student/parent feedback and complaints and de-escalate and resolve wherever possible
    • Identify opportunities for center improvement, work process improvement and service delivery to customers
    • Uphold company values and ethics and strictly follow company policies and management directives
    • Share Best Practices with other staff members and fellow centers
    • Perform tasks as assigned by Center Manager and Center Supervisor
    • Assist other centers and YOLA staff as needed



    • Minimum Bachelor Degree
    • Good command of both Vietnamese and English
    • At least 1 year’s working experience. Strong preference is given to individuals with customer-facing experience in educational sales and/or service industry
    • Strong customer service mindset and striving for sales and service excellence
    • Results driven with determination to achieve sales targets and KPIs
    • High moral ethics and professional workplace behavior
    • Clean and tidy in appearance with high grooming standard
    • Good organizational, planning, complaint handling and problem solving skills
    • Good communication, interpersonal and analytical skills
    • Good PC skills in MS Office, particularly Excel


    Please send your application to ngoc.nhm01@yola.vn


    Tp Hồ Chí Minh | 26/09/2018

    At YOLA We Offer:

    • A set of unique and effective learning products and support services catering to the learning needs of our students
    • A strong internal personal and professional support network
    • An exciting, close-knit, fun and professional working environment
    • A clear career path and development plan for progress into senior positions


    Job Description

    • Customer consultation, tailoring of course to customer needs, calculate and inform course price.
    • Support Sales Department in preparing documents, contracts, agreements.
    • Prepare Sales report weekly and collect data received from other internal departments.
    • Be responsible for negotiating with partners related to service and trading contract, agreements.
    • Be responsible for sending and receiving documents for Sales department.
    • Maintain and keep files and documents in tidy and order.
    • Manage and control quality of center’s equipment and POSM monthly.
    • Coordinate with Senior Customer Care for related tasks.
    • Organize and arrange a meeting for National Center Director or Operation team.
    • Organize, coodinate and facilitate Operation team activities.
    • Other tasks assigned by the direct line manager.



    • University/College degree in Foreign Trade/ Business Administration or related majors
    • At least 1 year working experience in sales admin.
    • Strong written and verbal skills in both English and Vietnamese.
    • Microsoft Office skill, especially Excel and Word.
    • Detail-oriented and well-organized.
    • Honest, diligent and able to work under pressure


    Please send your application to ngoc.nhm01@yola.vn


    Tp Hồ Chí Minh | 25/09/2018

    Job Description

    - Phối hợp với các bộ phận tại trung tâm Anh ngữ để giải quyết công việc
    - Tiếp nhận và trực tiếp giải quyết complaint của Học viên/phụ huynh (trong thẩm quyền)
    - Tham gia tổ chức các events tại trung tâm.
    - Quản lý và tổ chức lớp học
    - Chăm sóc học viên/phụ huynh
    - Nắm vững tình hình học tập của Học viên
    - Đảm bảo tỷ lệ tái tục học viên cũ tại trung tâm Anh ngữ theo yêu cầu của Quản lý
    - Theo dõi và hỗ trợ giáo viên trong công tác giảng dạy
    - Báo cáo định kỳ và đột xuất cho cấp quản lý tại trung tâm Anh ngữ
    - Thực hiện các yêu cầu khác của Quản lý Trung tâm

    Job Requirement

    Yêu cầu về bằng cấp chuyên môn:
    - Tốt nghiệp ĐH/Cao đẳng
    - Giao tiếp tiếng Anh

    Ưu tiên:
    - Kinh nghiệm tối thiểu: 1 năm ở vị trí chất lượng dịch vụ, quản lý khách hàng,...
    - Có tư duy về customer care
    Yêu cầu về kỹ năng:
    - Có kỹ năng về customer care
    - Có kỹ năng giao tiếp và giải quyết vấn đề
    - Thái độ làm việc chuyên nghiệp và tận tâm
    - Có kỹ năng làm việc nhóm
    - Biết sử dụng máy tính và các thiết bị văn phòng

    GIỜ LÀM VIỆC: Xoay ca (Ca 1: 8h - 17h; Ca 2: 14h - 21h).

    Ứng tuyển ngay tại địa chỉ mail: ngoc.nhm01@yola.vn

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