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YOLA students taking the IELTS, TOEFL and SAT exams will be offered Yola’s FACES with a scholarship of up to $ 1,600.

This is the first show in YOLA, aiming to celebrate outstanding achievements, acknowledging the endless efforts of students and also encouraging you to have more motivation to strive for. and write his dream.

hinh tap the

The information provided to the program.

– The program only applies to students reporting to YOLA in accordance with the timeline specified. (Special cases: Examination Council notifies late … Students please contact Student Services Department for more details)

– Participants agree to participate in the program must complete the procedures of reward under the guidance of the program organizers.

– YOLA reserves the right to use the student’s information, grades and images for communication activities.

– The program can change points and reward levels without prior notice.

– Each student is eligible to participate only once in YOLA’s FACES program.

For inquiries, please contact the Student Care Unit at (028) 73 033199 (during office hours Monday through Friday)

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