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On the evening of June 25, YOLA held the YOLA SEND-OFF SAILING AWAY program. This program is told to be like a boat going offshore, carrying students who have had the results of enrollment and won scholarships from foreign universities.

Let’s listen to their secret to achieve scholarship!

Essay from the Chi Hoa Prison

In addition to grades, the essay is an extremely important and decisive factor in whether or not you receive a scholarship and receive a percentage. But writing an essays is not always easy. How did the scholarship holders study?

Bui Hong Minh Thu, a small girl who has just won a scholarship from Trinity College, has a very special background. The letter grew in the area reserved for cadres in the detention center in Chí Hòa. This is the place where prisoners are detained, they are deprived of their citizenship and have to work for the common good, before going to trial.

 Bui Hong Minh Truong – Trinity College scholarship (USA)

Thu shared: “In my youth, I was scared every time a prison detained a new prisoner and every morning I saw them screaming for justice in despair. Recognizing that, during his visit to the prison, my father led me with him and taught me one thing: “Not everyone in prison is a bad person!” Every once in a while, dad gave me an article about a criminal convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. But he was then returned honor and freedom, Dad and I were also there, he was quite timid and very emotional eyesight, I recognized the freedom for each person is one the most valuable assets and no one has the right to rob them of their property inadequately. So, I want to be a person who helps to defend the underprivileged and protect justice for all. “

This particular circumstance has helped Thu to have an excellent essay to win the scholarship. Before that, Thu did not know what to write about when she sees herself has no difference compared to others. Luckily, Thu was consulted by Pham Anh Khoa, the director of Yola, to write about her place of growth which he believed to be special and increase the chance to win the scholarship. 

Pham Minh Duc, owner of Hamilton University (USA) scholarship, also has a “secret”. At the beginning of the grade 12, Duc’s Gifted School for the first time decided to set up the National Geography Competition. Nearly every day, nobody would join but Germany decides to be different. This decision has opened the door for him. Since joining the team, Duc began to like Geography and everything around so he wanted to understand things that sometimes people do not pay attention.  That has helped Duc write an excellent essay on why he chose to join the team when no one previously participated. Furthermore, it helped Duc to enjoy reading travel books, and he said, this book “Alone in Europe” (Phan Viet) is an endless inspiration for him to write essays.

Choose school for passion

Bui Quang Minh (Beta Beta), chairman of Beta Corporation, a former student of Harvard University, said that when he studied in Australia and successfully opened a chain of restaurants, one day, he suddenly wondered: “What is the purpose of his life?” He found that although he made a lot of money but did not find the purpose of life. And he left everything to study in the United States. He returned, opening the film service company where the target audience is where the average citizen has less access to cinema. “Ask yourself why to study abroad? Beyond knowledge, employment, income, the most important thing is to find yourself a purpose of life. My purpose is to contribute to society and I decided to go to school to do this” – said Mr.Minh. 

Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu, co-founder at Yola, said: “Schools often use wrong metrics to evaluate. It is in Yola that we sometimes encounter that in the process of filing. When you go to college, no one cares about your SAT score. When you go to work after college, no one cares about the GPA average in your transcript. So, instead of focusing on how we value you, focus on listening. Am I learning new things? Do we have a diverse group of friends or not? Am I willing to experience new outside the comfort zone now? And most importantly, are you taking good care of yourself or not, are you letting those who care about you love you? Do I pursue everything because of the crowd and the flashiness, or is it a real passion behind it? “

Ms. Tu said that is what Yola always recommend to the students. There was a student trying to apply for scholarships in a school in Japan. He got over the direction of parents and prevention of many people. Because he is truly passionate about this country.

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