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6 Tips for learning English easier each day

Communication is a very important factor that helps you to use English fluently. However, a true English language environment is often found in English or international schools, so this is one reason why using English fluently is a challenge for many. If there are no conditions for regular contact with the international environment, the only way to learn English better is to find a way to bring English into your life as much as possible. So how do we do it? Please refer to the following tips and find out the secret!
1. Set up the English language for your phone
This is an easy thing that probably foreign language centers or English learning tips have never shown you. This way you can “immerse yourself” in English anytime. For those of you who are not fluent in English, there are times when you are afraid of the phone telling you complicated information about the system. However, it is time for you to use the dictionary, or simply when comparing the Vietnamese and English, you will learn many useful vocabulary.
Not only for phones that you can apply to all language sections of the app such as Facebook, Instagram, …
2. Think about everything in English
A form of “inner monologue” sounds quite strange but really very effective. Think about problems encountered in life in English, or create a conversation in your head in English, when encountering unknown words can look at the dictionary to “fill” the mind. At first you may find it difficult but later on it will feel easier and the vocabulary as well as the reflexive as well will improve because you are accustomed to thinking in English so it will not take much time. to translate English sentences into English.
3. Read English books
This is a common practice used by young people to practice English daily as well as IELTS preparation, TOEFL with articles, academic books.
In case you just want to create an English environment for yourself to make learning English so smooth, then you just read the daily articles, blogs, genres of books that you love, to make sense. Inspire and make yourself become diligent, not too restrictive.
4. Watch English movie subtitles
It is also a familiar way to learn more English vocabulary and practice listening. Unlike the “bathing language” often referred to, watching movies with English subtitles is simply listening and scanning, to detect pronunciation, vocabulary, intonation, and easier to understand slang words.
In addition, CC Mode on YouTube will allow you to view all the English language genres of your interest with English subtitles.
5. Use a flashcard
Flashcard is a fairly compact and simple medium for learning vocabulary. You can take the flashcard anywhere to watch it when the groove or type allows you to write new vocabulary anytime.
6. Meet foreign friends
There are many activities that you can join to have the opportunity to meet with foreign friends such as volunteer activities of non-government organizations, part-time for a travel agency. City tour, foreign tourists visit the city, eating by motorcycle, … With these activities, not only your English will improve significantly but you can also earn a little more. eat cake, drink milk tea. However, to receive, you still have to have a sufficient English language resources enough to communicate.
With tips that English language centers do not teach you here, hopefully with tips you will quickly improve your English to confidently use English in communication.

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