June, 11, 2018

Are you planning to take IELTS to test your capabilities specifically writing skill?

The IELTS Writing Contest organized by YOLA will help you that answer. YOLA is now holding the IELTS Writing Contest in the form of ONLINE. Students will be able to easily and quickly take part in the exams through the website: https: //nessa.io/.
In addition, you also have the opportunity to receive the award on a weekly basis during the three weeks of the IELTS Writing Contest held by YOLA.

Target audience:
– Students in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

2. Award structure
Reward each week for a total of three weeks
– First prize: 1 friend
Cash: VND 1,000,000
50% scholarship to IELTS at YOLA English Language Center.
Yola Testprep.
-Yes second: 5 friends
Voucher for tuition fee at YOLA English Language Center worth: 3.000.000 VND.
 Yola Testprep
– Third: 10 friends
Combo gifts (YOLA Testprep ballet, YOLA set and Yola pen)

3. How to take the test
– Students take the exam online at https://nessa.io
– Students will select “IELTS WRITING CONTEST”. Similar Task From Task 1 (Writing) to Task 2 (Writing). When completing the assignment, select “Submit”. After that, the Nessa system will send a notification of the results to the contestant.
– Upon successful completion of the test, a valid test will receive a confirmation letter for the assignment after one day from the date of submission.
– The test results will be sent back to the Nessa system by email (address information you registered) after 3 days from the date of submission.
– Online lesson deadlines: Before 23:59, every Thursday. (October 6, 1977 – October 27, 2017)
Note during the lesson:
– Each week, YOLA will select a theme for the IELTS WRITING CONTEST.
– Each account registered on the Nessa system is only allowed to participate in the IELTS WRITING CONTEST only once during 3 weeks (from 6/10/2017 – 27/10/2017).
– When the time is up, the system will automatically submit the test. Therefore, candidates should be aware of the time of the lesson to have a reasonable time division.
– During the lesson, if any incidents occur that affect the Nessa process (shutdown, disable the Nessa program) then the lesson will not be stored and submitted to the system. Yola hopes that candidates will be well prepared before taking the test.

4. How to get reward
# Note 1:
– The results will be announced at 17 o’clock every Monday at https://nessa.io, starting October 16th.
– Award address:

– Ho Chi Minh area: 4th Floor, Sunny Tower, 259 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

– Hanoi area: 4th floor, Diamond Flower, 1 Hoang Dao Thuy, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh urban area, Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district.

– Time: Administrative hours (9:30 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00) Monday through Friday.

# Note 2:
– Candidates will receive an email confirmation and confirmation from YOLA. When you come to receive the prize, please bring along the photo ID card (not need notarization).
In this case, the parent/family / friend received the replacement. Candidates are kindly requested to email YOLA for their convenience.

5. Regulation
– Student sign up for Yola to use an image, story, and personal record as anonymous;
– The scholarship has a duration of 3 months from the date of awarding 01 scholarship (full, half, 25% tuition fee).
– Yola is not responsible for the original (non-photocopy) documents submitted by the student for verification upon receipt;

6. Contact us
More information about the program, please contact:
-Email: contest@yola.vn
-hotline: 08 7303 6288