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September useful and events in Yola

What do you do on the weekend? Watch movies, milk tea or join academic clubs? If you are looking for an activity to do at the weekend or find more new activities, come to YOLA for a fun weekend but no less fun.
The following YOLA events are kicked off in early September and are held every weekend. The special thing of the event is not that you are studying YOLA teenagers, but you are not a YOLA student but want to improve your English. By YOLA educational institutions always want to bring knowledge to the young generation, helping to unlock potential in each of you, so that you can confidently communicate in English.
1. Milk Tea Chat – You have a milk tea appointment with Yola
When learning English, in addition to mastering the rules of grammar, vocabulary is also an important skill decisive should you speak English good or bad. You may not know the academic vocabulary, you may not have attended English language courses at a foreign language center, but you can still speak English as a “native speaker”, part of that is the standard pronunciation and intonation.
Students from 9-14 years old who are studying English at school will often have pronunciation errors due to lack of practice and large number of classes that teachers can not “care” for each of you. This leads to many pronunciations, which gradually become habitual and difficult to improve. Understanding this, YOLA educational institution offers you from 9 to 14 years old an ideal English speaking environment with “Milk Tea Chat”.
Instead of dating at milk tea shop, go to milk tea with YOLA! You will practice speaking English and correct pronunciation from the teacher. Besides, this is also an environment for practicing speaking and group work in English. Each participant also receives some sweet milk tea from YOLA.
2. Writing Squad – Writing is no longer a worry
You are about to graduate from high school, more than teenage English, you want to get high marks in IELTS Writing but still worry about your writing skills, come to “Writing Squad” to get teacher of YOLA shared the experience and difficulties, often encountered when taking the writing exam. Not only that, experienced YOLA teachers will help you to correct common mistakes, to get ideas for essay articles with difficult topics.
In addition, you can experience the IELTS test of international standards completely free.
3. Yola Mock Test Day – IELTS is within reach
Do you want to take the IELTS test but are not confident, but the cost of testing is relatively high that you “shrink” because not qualified for the exam many times? Want to know where your English level is compared to international standards? Do not worry! Coming to the “Mock Test Day”, your problems will be “resolved”.
Come to “Yola Mock Test Day”, you will experience the IELTS and Junior International English test completely free with the test is always updated regularly. From there, you will get used to the pressure of the exam room, practice time management skills for the highest test results for IELTS exams, Cambridge certification.
Besides, your Writing and Speaking skills will be improved with the help of veteran teachers from YOLA.
Come to “Yola Mock Test Day”, countless gifts are tuition vouchers, Yola T-shirt, … waiting for you.
Together with the atmosphere Back to School bustling, the September events of YOLA not only help young people improve their English, but also a place for you to meet, exchange, widen games. The knowledge is well prepared for more advanced English courses in the future.

Contact YOLA fanpage if you have questions about the program, as well as a quick update on YOLA’s exciting events:

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