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Increasingly, the idea of teaching English to students around the world comes to a common ground: English is the only means of communication to help students access the necessary skills through language. This is almost inversely proportional to the view of many parents today that only high scores, good English is enough to succeed.

Follow English, forget the soft skill

In June, a survey by an international card company on “Consumer spending priorities in consumer education” in 16 Asia-Pacific countries showed remarkable results. Accordingly, foreign language is a top priority in education investments for children of Vietnamese. However, Vietnamese parents are less invested in developing soft skills for children as well as creative arts. Only 7% of Vietnamese parents gave their children music lessons, 7% offered art education, 9% did sports lessons, and none of the respondents said they would attend public speaking classes.

At a recent conference, many international students agreed that the current way students learn English by their parents is not able to help students develop their full potential. The current trend is level 1 learning communication, grade 2 learning grammar, reading comprehension and exam preparation, level 3 will focus on exam preparation. But learning English to develop new knowledge, thinking and personality is important. There are many students who are scholarships to study in the US but do not know who they are leading to stress quickly.

Speaking about this, the head of the YOLA English Language Center said: “This result seems sad for the English language centers are active and exciting in Vietnam. But it reflects the fact that there are so many places to teach English with the view that this is a simple language, not a key to unlocking the potential for thinking. This also has its own reason for responding to the wishes of the majority of parents. Many people still perceive that their children need only high scores at school and good at English, then go abroad, can be successful in life. But with our experience, success is not so simple. “

YOLA’s “different goals”

As evidenced by the above, the reality is that social networking has just surfaced with a special clip on the English teaching of the YOLA English Language Center. And it is also Yola’s view that this is a “manifesto” for his teaching of English.

YOLA clips are images that open in the form of a “letter to parents”. Finally, the question arises: “What have you prepared for your children?” To cover the story stretched in the letter. The clip is the image of the girl standing in front of the registration of the best people, the desire to achieve success, save the name on the board. Thanks to her mother’s vision, she joined YOLA, learning English with other activities to support the development of knowledge and skills: science, history, economics, art, sports participation. , the development of thinking … And the end of the clip, the same girl, when the name on this board, standing with a boy like his old days, encouraging him to continue to go to the “yellow table “
The best thing is not only in the real, emotional images but in the “manifesto” from the beginning to the end of the story. “We know you have big plans for your children, with dreams and expectations. But do you truly understand the challenges your child is experiencing? That is the way that no matter how much you love you can not replace me. Not only are the scores soaring, the ability to use fluent English. The bigger your child is about to fly, the more you need to fly. “

What is that? For YOLA, it is science, history, economics, art. As a child, you discover what you like best, need to think critically to disagree what is heard and raise their own voice. They need confidence but forever desire to learn. Need to know how to fail but never give up. And more importantly, your child needs to recognize the tremendous potential within himself. Success is not just the glory of an individual, but it is when each person contributes to make the world a better place. Through the clip, YOLA confirmed that this is happening every day here. But there is a clear truth: no matter how good the training is, it will not work if the parent is not part of the experience.

American psychologist Bruno once said: “Every child is a genius, so every parent can be called a genius educator.” When children grow up and start school, parents have to do an important job: choosing a good environment where children can be creative and develop their minds. This environment must also be the place to stimulate the best potential of the child, to become “a different person.”

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