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What should parents do to teach English to their children?

Teaching English to your child today is no longer a matter of the English language centers when parents decide to let their children learn, but parents sometimes want to help to help them learn better. Therefore, how to teach English to children is often a matter of concern to parents.
Understand your child’s preferences
At a young age, children like to play more than he likes to learn, in order for children to learn more every day, so parents need to understand what their children want to do to integrate their knowledge of English into their activities. young.
If your child tends to like animals, dabbling, creative, then parents can let their children join the science club in the English language center to be able to delight children to learn. Or show children the world of animal programs, explore the science of foreign.
Teach English to your child by making things easier for them to learn.
If your child is interested in activities such as painting, dancing, theater, etc., it will be easier for parents to participate in dance, art club activities, watching kid’s programs in foreign channels such as Disney Chanel, Disney Junior,…
In addition, parents can rely on their child’s preference for “prizes,” giving them something to do with their hobbies when they reach high grades in English, or when they learn. a song, 10 english vocabulary words.
Teaching English to children through kid’s programs in English
Kid’s programs in English are a popular way that many parents apply for their children. With the development of communication, including television or youtube, parents can easily find many English programs for your children.
However, there are a number of issues that parents should be concerned with, such as choosing English-American or British-American English programs, as there are now many English language programs available in the United States. Asian, sometimes can pronounce in some non-standard words or intonations.
In addition to this, parents should encourage your children to repeat the sentences, songs or sit down with them and explain to them.
Equally important is the control over time to watch the program properly. Not over-watching children will lead to harm to the eyes and dependent children, becoming passive with other activities.
Do not squeeze, angry with the child
Teaching English to your child is sometimes not easy for some parents, because parents do not have pedagogical expertise or little patience. However, if you want to teach English to your child easily, parents should pay attention to their feelings. The perception of each child is different, so do not scold the child for forgetting or learning to remember forever or force the child to learn every day, with the specified time period.
As a friend, after school hours, your child will feel comfortable when the knowledge is received at home is also useful and comfortable, she will soon be more excited and interested in learning.
Speak English with your child
For parents who know English, it is much easier to put English into your life, helping your child learn English better. Parents can integrate English into their lives as they read the names of vegetables in English, communicate simple sentences, or put up English phrases on every item in the family so that they have At the same time remember words and remember the face.
Teaching English to children is a process that requires patience, a combination of family and teachers. Baby can forget, can only babbling after the time of study, but the essence of knowledge still remain in the brain, so that one day to reach the right age of good acquisition of the baby, just to review the knowledge will become. You will learn English more easily. Therefore, be patient and comfortable with your child and give him the best learning environment so he or she can learn the most effectively.

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